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Strawberry Honey **Delivery between Feb 13 - 16**

Strawberry Honey **Delivery between Feb 13 - 16**
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This year we are very happy to announce that we will be offering Strawberry Honey for a limited time. From January 15th, 2019 - Valentine's Day 2019 you will be able to purchase our raw clover honey flavoured with organic strawberries. Our Strawberry Honey has a delicious and sweet berry flavour and smell along with a beautiful bright red/pink colour. You can also pair it with our Chocolate Honey at a discounted price! 

We ran out of the first batch and are now making more  We will be delivering the next batch between Feb 13 - 16

Give the gift of "Yum!" to your sweetheart this Valentine's Day :) 

Please also check out our Strawberry Honey Recipes 

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