Strawberry & Chocolate Bundle


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Every year we bring back our much-loved Strawberry Honey. This year is no different. We have however decided to make it a little sweeter by creating a combo-pack containing Strawberry honey, Chocolate Honey and Kiss-Me-My-Darling Lippy Balm (which is Strawberry Flavour). Who does not love Strawberries and Chocolate.

Our Strawberry honey contains Organic strawberries picked at the peak of ripeness and added to our raw, unfiltered honey. The taste is just like biting into a freshly picked strawberry. The flavour just bursts in your mouth :)

The Chocolate honey has been a favourite with most of you :) We use raw, organic, crude Cacao from Equador and blend it with our raw, unfiltered honey. It is so smooth and chocolatey with all the natural goodness intact.

Kiss-Me-My-Darling Lippy Balm is a perfect addition to this combination. It has a fresh Strawberry flavour and makes your think of strawberries and spring all the time :) We pride ourselves in using only the highest quality ingredients. This lippy balm does not only smell great, but moisturizes and protects your lips during these cold winter months. You will love it.