Raspberry Honey - 250ml


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Raspberry Honey is our favourite flavour to bring back every year during Canada Day and during the Christmas holidays.  Our Raspberry honey is a bright, deep red colour - a wonderful match for Canada Day celebrations and the holiday season - and is the perfect mix of tangy and sweet.

A sweet mixture of Forever Bee raw honey and Organic Raspberries picked at the peak of ripeness.  It is packed with flavour and delicious to use in the following ways:

  • In/as tea
  • On toast, waffles, french toast, pancakes, ice cream
  • In any recipe that calls for honey
  • Try our delicious Raspberry Honey Butter Recipe

Visit our new Community HIVE recipe page for a delicious Raspberry Honey Cake recipe: https://bit.ly/3zAHRyN

For additional Raspberry Honey recipes, visit: https://foreverbee.ca/pages/recipes-raspberry-honey