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Liquid Wildflower Honey - 22.09L (70lb) Pail


$395.00 CAD

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This product is sold out until Summer 2023. Please add your email to our out of stock notification list to be alerted when pre-order begins. 

Forever Bee liquid honey is exactly the same honey as our creamed honey, only we have not creamed it yet.  It is pure, Alberta, Wildflower and Clover Honey, straight from the hive.  We only sell liquid honey during the harvest season every year.  Our liquid Clover honey will be available from mid-July to mid-September and we will deliver and ship it as soon as we start harvesting. Please place your order here for the various sizes and quantities.  

We are also so excited to announce that our liquid honey will be available at select summer Farmers' Markets as well as a very select few stores.  Bring your bucket and we will fill it :) Due to Covid-19 this year, we will be filling containers in our workshop.  Bring your container to the market with your name, phone, email and address on it.  We will bring it back to the market for you or deliver it to you. Refilled bulk buckets will save $10. 

Remember that liquid honey will crystallize.  This is a normal development for all liquid honey.  Do not refrigerate for this will speed up the crystallization process.  If you would like your honey to be liquid again, just place the container in a pot of hot water to melt down.  DO NOT MICROWAVE YOUR HONEY

Note: Bulk liquid honey orders MUST be placed before August 24th to be fulfilled. Bulk Liquid honey is only available during our summer harvest. 

THIS PRODUCT CAN NOT BE SHIPPED VIA CANADA POST, Additional Courier fees may apply if you are outside of our local delivery zones. 

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