Honeystix Hive Display - Middle Box


$150.00 CAD

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Our new Honeystix Display Stands are 3D printed in Lethbridge Alberta with a food-safe PETG filament. 

Our display towers are designed to look just like the hives we use.
Each Honeystix Display Stand can hold approximately 500 Honeystix.
Each hole will contain 20-50 Honeystix each.

Our Honeystix Display Hive Box has 3 pieces that can be stacked together when the supply is high, and reduced until the new stock arrives!  

Top Box: Flat top with grooves on the bottom to attach to another box or wedge piece. This will also sit flat on a sturdy counter or table. 

Middle Box: grooves on the top and bottom to attach to top box, middle box or wedge piece!

Wedge peice: an angled base attachment to angle the display box up to your customers. Great for lower counters, and a little gravity support.  The QR code on the base provides more information about the honeystix. 


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