Honey Mango Vinegar


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Our good friend Paul from Tippa's Distillery went out of his way to make some truly unique and delicious vinegars for us this year.  Made with love, powered by Birch Bark and perfected with honey, these unique vinegars promises to add that little something special to your summer cooking.

Fresh and dried ginger is aged with honey vinegar to give a great taste. Great in a salad dressing but certainly very versatile. Add an ounce in a vodka and soda. Stews, chili and stir fries look forward to a splash or 2. 

Unfiltered, Unpasteurized with Mother. Raw. Birch Bark Powered. No Preservatives. Small Batch. 


Ingredients. Wildflower ForeverBee Honey vinegar, Mango 5% Acetic acid