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Honey Gift Pack - Small

Honey Gift Pack - Small
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The Forever Bee gift packs are the perfect gift for all the honey lovers in your life. Each gift pack includes two small (125g) jars of honey. A jar of creamed Clover and a jar of your flavour choice. Choose from Cinnamon, Chocolate, Orange, Ginger, Lavender, Maple. Our honey contains no artificial sweetners, flavours or colours. It is made with the highest quality ingredients available. They are ideal as gifts for birthdays, house-warming, thank-you, get-well-soon or any special occasion.

Ingredient List:
Creamed & Cinnamon: Raw honey and organic Ceylon Cinnamon
Creamed & Chocolate: Raw honey and raw, organic Cacao
Creamed & Orange: Raw honey and organic, dried Seville Oranges
Creamed & Ginger: Raw honey and organic Ginger
Creamed & Lavender: Raw honey and organic, French Lavender flowers
Creamed & Maple: Raw honey and dark, premium Maple syrup from Quebec.


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