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First Aid Herbal Honey Kit - Preorder for Feb 28, 2019
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We are so excited to be able to announce the new First Aid Honey Kit.  This kit was designed as a way to support a more natural lifestyle that also tastes good.  Our specific flavours for in this kit were chosen for the most useful effects they can have to help relieve such things as sleeplessness, flatulance, bloating, pain, upset stomach and many other inconveniences.  Usually we would just reach into the medicine cabinet, but now we have made the medicine cabinet a little sweeter and tastier.

This kit contains seven flavours of honey made with the highest quality ingredients we could find in the world.  All the ingredients are Organic and mixed with our Raw, Unfiltered, Clover Honey.  Our kit contains seven honeys and each honey jar contains 125g of honey.  Read more why we chose each of the herbs:

Echinacea and Rosehip Honey

- Echinacea:  Echinacea is a wonderful herb used in a wide variety of ways and is very gentle and has very few possible side-effects.  In this kit we use it for boosting our system in the winter months when we feel a cold coming on or when we have a cold.  It is great for the immune system and acts as an anti-inflammatory and helps with infections.  Wonderful on small cuts and scrapes as well.  We have included a link to a pamphlet put together by the European Medicines Agency regarding Echinacea: Echinacea Pamphlet

- Roshehip: 

Turmeric Honey

Cinnamon Honey

Ginger Honey

Valerian Root Honey

Elderberry Honey

Licorice Honey


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