Clover Raw Honey - 500g


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Clover Raw Honey is harvested in Southern Alberta, Canada. Flavoured only by the sweet clover flowers we have here for a delicious soft honey. 

Our honey is still raw which means it has never been heated or processed and therefor all the benefits and natural content of the honey is still intact. This honey is also unfiltered and thus contains many delicious and beneficial compounds such as bee pollen and propolis. Raw Honey will naturally crystalize, we use science and nature to help this process along so your honey will stay smooth and spreadable year round. It will not go hard on you!

Many people use raw honey daily on their toast, peanut butter sandwiches, in tea or coffee, cooking, and baking. It is also popular for use when having a sore throat , cough, cold or cuts and burns.

Raw honey has no expiration date and will not go bad when used correctly. Please always use a clean dry spoon. dirty cutlery into the honey could spoil it.

  • Raw, Unfiltered honey that still contains all the benefits nature intended
  • Smooth, naturally soft texture is perfect for spreading, tea, coffee, baking
  • Harvested in the Foothills of Southern Alberta, Canada
  • Small, family-owned and operated apiary where we care about our environment, bees and customers
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