Blackened Garlic Honey Vinegar


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Our good friend Paul from Tippa's Distillery went out of his way to make some truly unique and delicious vinegars for us this year.  Made with love, powered by Birch Bark and perfected with honey, these unique vinegars promises to add that little something special to your summer cooking.

Here are the newest flavours (all made with our honey):
Honey Ginger Vinegar
Honey Coconut Vinegar
Honey Curry Vinegar
Honey Garlic Vinegar
Honey Vinegar

Fresh Albertan Garlic blackened in a sous vide for 2 months. Added to Forever Bee Wildflower Honey mead and converted to vinegar using the power of Birch Bark.

It is incredible how deep the flavour is of the Honey Blackened Garlic Vinegar. Great in salads, stews, stir fries and soups for a deep deep flavour. 

Unfiltered, Unpasteurized with Mother. Raw. Birch Bark Powered. No Preservatives. Small Batch.



Ingredients. Wildflower ForeverBee Honey vinegar, Garlic 5% Acetic acid

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