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Beeswax Fire Starter Candle Cakes


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Start fires with ease this year with our Beeswax Fire Starter Cakes. These delicious looking creations might look like mini cake slices, but they are in fact fire starters! Made with Forever Bee Pure Beeswax,  Black Walnut Sawdust and Cotton Wick, they are waste-free!  These candles are perfect to have on you for emergency situations and fun events. 

Beeswax burns brighter and longer than other waxes, it doesn't smoke or drip.  You may even find these candles are easy to light if they've been wet. Handy when you're camping!

How to use:

Place candle in your fire pit, add wood hut around candle, light the candle.
Always use safety precautions and have a responsible adult present. Be sure to check your area for local fire regulations.

Each fire starter is approximately 3cm x 3cm x 2cm and weighs approximately 0.60 oz

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