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Wholesale Info

Wholesale Terms:

This page is only meant for wholesalers who have been approved by Forever Bee to sell their products.  All the items here are shown at discounted pricing of 30% if a minimum of $360 retail is reached.  All items need to be paid for at time of order. 


Only case lots sales are allowed for Creamed Clover Honey, and half case lots (6) for other products such as pollen and flavoured honey.  Case lots for most products are 12.  The exception to that is 3kg tubs (6), large gift packs in cases of 9, and 7kg pails which are sold individually.

We do offer honeystix as well, but these need to be ordered by 100s

In some cases we might not have all products available and we will let you know as soon as possible.  In that case, we can backorder the products or adjust your order to only reflect the products available.  

When signed in to your account you might notice that you have a rewards balance built up.  As wholesalers these rewards are unfortunately not available to you to use since you are already receiving a deep discount on the products.  We are working on a way to remove this from your accounts.  Thanks so much for understanding.  

Thank you for offering our products in your venue.  We appreciate your business and hope to serve you for many more years :)

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