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Tropical Bundle

This month we came up with a wonderful selection of Tropical products to help celebrate our Tropical Staycation Market. Our Tropical collection includes:

With this collection you can feel like you are vacation in the Tropics while you are still at home. All the products are made with the highest quality organic ingredients.

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Tropical Coconut Bubble Truffles for Self-Care

Oooohhh, Bubble Truffles. Our dear friends at Bubble & Balms have made some beautiful Tropical Coconut Bubble Truffles for us. These delightful bubble truffles make lots of bubbles in the bath, is soothing on the skin and the smell transports you to the Tropics.

The Tropical Coconut Bubble Truffles are made with our Forever Bee Honey, Coconut Oil and Shea Butter. Because of all the moisturizing, gentle ingredients, it is perfect for all skin types - even the the most sensitive skin. It hydrates your skin to give it a smooth appearance. And btw, they bubble a lot :)

These Bubble Truffles come in a 3-pack beautifully packaged in a clear gift box. The perfect gift for your self-care routine or for someone you love.  

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In the world of a beekeeper nothing says summer quite like Honeycomb. You know that when the Honeycomb is ready to harvest you are in the thick of summer.  

This year is no different. They honeycomb has beautiful floral notes, is chewy and delicious and tastes like sunshine :)

Our honeycomb harvest is usually from mid-July to mid-September and then we sell it until supplies run out (usually just before Christmas).

Honeycomb is perfect on a charcuterie board with smoked Gouda (or any other of your favourite cheeses), grapes, cold meats, and of course a glass of wine :)

Daily it can be used in your oatmeal, yoghurt, slice of bread, smoothies or just by the spoonful. Enjoy!!!

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Liquid Wildflower Honey

Liquid Wildflower Honey is available during that very special time of the year when we start our harvest season. Anything can happen - the honey can be super dark with a unique caramel flavour or it can be completely clear and transparent with beautiful floral notes or it can be a the golden yellow we see advertised so often.

The Wildflower Honey is unique because we harvest this from fields where there is no spraying, no crops growing and the honey is never heated, filtered or treated with anything. It is just perfectly pure honey. We leave it completely up to nature to see what she will be giving to us this season.

Even throughout the season the honey flavour and colour can change though. As the wildflowers in the fields change from Dandelions to Lilacs to Apple blossoms to Goldenseal to Sunflowers, so does the colour, texture and taste of the honey change as well. It can be completely different from one week to the next. Sometimes we can even get really dark honey and very light honey in the same frame. What a treat!!!

Honey - Liquid Honey - SOLD OUT
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Tropical Honeystix

Honeystix are one of those fun and really tasty treats that just screams summer, sunshine, hikes in the forest and lazy days at the pool. This season it will be even more fun with more flavours and colours that we now carry. All our current flavours include: Naked Mint, Naked Cinnamon, Naked Lemon, Pink Lemonade, Raspberry, Sour Blue Raspberry, Root Beer, Blueberry, Cherry, Pure Honey, Apple, Peach, Pina Colada and Watermelon.

These tasty treats are easy to carry in your backpack when going hiking, in your purse so you when you go to work, or in the kids' lunch boxes. Use it to sweeten your tea or coffee or to add some flavour to your water :)

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Tropical Honey Vinegars

As many of you might remember, last year had Tippa's Distillery as one of our featured guests. Paul at Tippa's Distillery worked closely with us to create a very special honey vinegar for us and it was so delicious and popular.

Now, to help us celebrate this fun Tropical Staycation, Paul came up with some amazing vinegars for us to help make your summer more tasty and fun. Here are his newest flavours (all made with our honey):
Honey Ginger Vinegar
Honey Coconut Vinegar
Spicy Honey Curry Vinegar
Blackened Honey Garlic Vinegar
Raspberry Honey Vinegar
Mango Honey Vinegar
Honey Vinegar

These delicious vinegars are perfect to use as marinades for your summer barbeques, in salad dressings, stir fries or in other recipes as a unique taste element. We have many recipes to share with you.....and we hope you can share some with us as well :)

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Tropical Honey

Our delicious Tropical Honey just makes you feel like sunshine, lazy days at the beach and sipping Pina Coladas :) It is made with a beautiful blend of Organic Mangoes and Organic Pineapples. The fruit are picked at the peak of ripeness and so the flavours really pop.

This Tropical Honey is perfect for use in many summer recipes such as Tropical Kiwi Strawberry Spring Rolls
Mango Smoothies
Tropical Parfait
Hawaiin Chicken Skewers

And the list goes on and on :) If you have some Tropical recipes to share with us (made with honey) then please post it below.

Not only is this Tropical Honey a breath of fresh air and sunlight into our lives, it also has a host of other health benefits:

1. Mangoes are very high in antioxidants, Vitamins A, K and C. This helps with inflammation, gum disease, and eyesight.
2. The fibers in Mangoes helps with digestion
3. Potassium and Magnesium in Mangoes helps to lower blood pressure
4. Pineapples are loaded with many vitamins and minerals and are especially high in Vitamin C and Manganese.
5. Pineapple contains and enzyme, Bromelaine, that helps with digestion. This is so powerful it can help to soften and break down meat and other foods as well.
6. Pineapple will boost your immune system, reduce inflammation and ease symptoms of arthritis

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NEW Tropical Sunrise Sunscreen

Our sunscreen is 100% natural, contains essential oils and soothing all, natural oils and butters. Our Tropical Sunrise Sunscreen comes in an applicator, glides on smoothly, smells like roses and has an SPF of about 20. We are so happy to have another great product made with our Beeswax!

We use beeswax to regenerate skin cells, attract and retain moisture, and it creates a protective barrier over the skin while still allowing it to breathe. These are all very important benefits of beeswax in a sunscreen specifically.

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Tropical Passion Fruit Lippy Balm

Do It Yourself or Made for You?

Did you know that you can make your very own lippy balms with Forever Bee DIY LIPPY Balm Kits. These kits include Beeswax, Shea Butter, Apricot oil and fun colours and fragrances. Our newest fragrance is Tropical Passionfruit and it will be perfect for carrying your summer fragrance with you :)

Our DIY Lippy Balm kits contain everything you need in order to make more than 50 lippy balms. You can mix the colours and fragrances or make natural. What a fun summer activity with friends, kids, grandkids, etc.

If you do not want to make your own, we have got you covered. We have a wide variety of fun summer fragrances already made. You can get them in bulk packages (one for each pocket and in each bag) or you can get them individually. Our summer fragrances include: Tropical Passionfruit, Natural, Eucalyptus, Spearmint, Kiss-me-my-darling (Strawberry), and Rainbow.

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Bee Pollen


When the bees collect the pollen from the flowers, they stuff the pollen into pollen bags on their back legs. This makes it easier for them to fly with all of that pollen. They use the pollen to make bee bread with. Bee bread is a mixture of pollen, honey and a special enzyme the bees secrete. This mixture then ferments and is called Bee Bread. It is very healthy and provides the bees with all their protein and nutrients.

Bee pollen is an incredible natural food and only a teaspoon a day is necessary to reap its many benefits (and that teaspoon contains over 2.5 billion grains of flower pollen that took a busy little bee 8 hours to collect!). We collect it 3 weeks out of the year from our strongest hives.

Bee pollen is approximately 40% protein and contains nearly every nutrient needed by the human body and cannot be replicated by a laboratory (though they have tried!).

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