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Welcome to our Forever Bee Recipe Collection!

Forever Bee has a wide collection of Raw Honey, Flavoured Honey, Beeswax and more. We have collected a lot of recipes over the years, some we made on our own, some we found online, the best ones have come from our customers! Check back often we update our collection as new recipes are found.

Raw Honey Recipes

All of our favourite raw honeys are best eaten on a spoon all by themselves. Honey is also a fantastic addition to most recipes and can even replace sugars in the best way!

It's recommended to use about 1/2 or 1/3 cup Honey for every 1 cup sugar in a recipe.

Flavoured Honey Recipes

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The flavoured honeys are produced seasonally. See our catalog for what's available today.

Beeswax Recipes

We use our pure Alberta Beeswax to make Beeswax Candles, Body Butter, Lippy Balm, Soap, Shampoo Bars, Sunscreen and more!

There are also a LOT of ways to use beeswax at home. Click the Beeswax Photo for our full recipe collection. Come back often for new recipes.

Body Care Recipes

Knowing what is in our skin care products helps a lot of people to feel safe and comfortable, esspecially when it comes to allergy protection. Here are some Body Care Product Recipes we have received.

See the collection of Body Care Products made by Forever Bee or with Forever Bee Products.

Bee Pollen Recipes

Bee Pollen is packed full of so much nutritional value, we love eating it right out of the jar. It also goes fantastic on top of cereal, salads, parfaits, yogurts and more.

Honey Vinegar Recipes

What do you do with fermented honey? Give it you friend Paul at Tippa's Distillary so he can create a new line of Alchemist Honey Vinegars!

Perfect for marrinades, dressings, sauces and more.

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