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Forever Bee Maple Honey


Our Maple Honey is the perfect substittue for sugar! It's a healthier choice because there's so much goodness and nutrition within each spoonful.

It combines all the health benefits of raw, unfiltered honey (think antioxidant-boosting, anit-inflammatory power) with all the benefits of genuine maple syrup. With this, you'll get another antioxidant boost, care for your digestive system and nourish your body with loads of viamins and minerals. Plus, it's lower on the Glycemic Index than sugar.

How much do you love Maple?

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What do we do with Maple Honey?

The posibilities are endless! Kira's favourite is to warm it up on the stove just a bit while making pancakes. Serve together with some fresh cut fruit and bacon. That little bit of warmth makes the honey flow so delightfuly.

The Maple Honey also goes great with your yogurt parfat, coffees and teas, on your cinnamon raisin bagels and so many more ideas.

We even have some ideas for a Maple Thanksgiving!

Maple Dill Salmon

Maple Honey Glazed Ham

Soft Maple Honey Whole Wheat Bread

Maple Honey Fudge

Let us know if you come up with something tasty!

Also Limited Availablitiy

We are almost out of Raspberries! Hurry now and get yours before we run out! We likely will not see this honey again until next year!

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