Harvest Season

Liquid Honey and Honeycomb

It's that time of year! We're getting ready to harvest our fresh liquid honey and honeycomb. 

Liquid Honey

Fresh wildflower honey in it's pure liquid form. This honey will only be in stock until mid-September. Raw, unpasteurized honey will naturally crystallize, but your honey is still good. You can use it as is, or place it in a warm water bath to reverse the crystallization without impacting any of the nutrients in your honey.

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Typically we start to see our honeycomb towards the end of the summer. This year our bees have been working extra hard and we had a little bit of an early harvest! We will have a limited quantity of our honeycomb at our markets. This special harvest will be available on first come first serve basis. Online orders have closed already for the 2019 season. There will be a few blocks still available at local Farmers Markets.

Bees use the honeycomb year round, so there is a limited quantity that we are able to harvest each year. 

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