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Self Care Bundle

This winter season, take some time to pay attention to your self-care needs. We tend to get so wrapped up in making sure our work is complete for the end of the year, the house is clean, meals are planned, gifts are bought and wrapped that we forget to just take a step back and breathe.

Treat yourself and all those you love to a Self-Care Bundle this holiday season. Take a relaxing hot bath with one of our Bubble Truffles, light some Forever Bee with candles, sip a tea with our Forever Bee honey and stay moisturized with our luxurious body butter and lippy balms.

The Self-Care Bundle includes:
Small Honey Gift Pack - with 2 honeys
All Natural Body Butter
Beeswax and Honey Soap
Lippy Balm
Votive Candles 8-pack
1 Bubble Truffle

If you'd like a free download of our top self care tips to print off and try for yourself go here.

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Honeycomb is one of the products that are so close to my heart. It must be because of the hours and hours we spend in the field with the bees. Or maybe it is the deliciousness of taking a chewy bite out of a honeycomb and letting the sweetness just fill your heart with happy-bubbles :)

We recommend using a piece of honeycomb on a charcuterie board. Fill the board with a variety of crackers, cheese (smoked Gouda is my favourite), cold meats (prosciutto ham is delicious), fruits and of course a glass of wine (or mulled spice wine or tea).

The honeycomb will make for a delightful conversation piece and will be a really unique and tasty treat for your friends and family :)

Visit Mandie's Makes again this year to pick up a new charcuterie board.

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Creamed Clover Honey

Forever Bee is honey has never been heated or filtered? That's right. We believe in keeping Nature natural :) By keeping the honey raw and unfiltered, all the healthy compounds are intact and provides you with the best taste and healthiest honey.

Our creaming process is also unique. Our honey is not churned and we do not add starter crystals to the honey. The day the honey is extracted it is poured into jars and placed in a freezer. This forces the honey to crystallize really fast, which means the crystals are really small.....and once a crystal forms at one size in a solution it can't form at a different size in the same solution.

This unique process is the reason why our honey will never crystallize and will not get hard. It is always smooth and soft and delicious :)

One of my favourite recipes to make using the Creamed Clover Honey, is Crunchies

ENTER TO WIN in our Journey Into Wellness Winter Online Market before Midnight Saturday January 22, 2022.

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Turmeric Honey

Usually with Turmeric it is a very strong, woody taste.......but mix it with raw honey and you get a beautifully blended, mild turmeric flavour that you can easily just eat by the spoonful. We use only the highest quality Organic Turmeric from SouthEast India, blended with our raw, unfiltered honey. Mmmmm, delicious.

Forever Bee Turmeric honey has amazing health benefits including an anti-inflammatory which also reduces pain (arthritis, etc), it is packed with antioxidants, helps improve mood and fights depression and also improves hearth health.

This year, why not start your day off on a healthy note. Try out this Golden Milk Latte Recipe to help you get a better sleep at night and and an anti-inflammatory during the day.

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Flavoured Honey


At the end of January we are saying goodbye to our much-loved flavoured honey. We decided to say goodbye to this long-standing relationship because we felt that we could better serve our community much better by allocating our resources to other areas.

By saying goodbye to our flavoured honeys we can now put our resources into making sure we have a stronger core product base, our online resources are expanded and our customer service continues to be the best.

We have received many emails of support, concern and sadness to see our flavours go. I wanted to assure you that we are not doing this lightly. With the many challenges and changes we had gone through these past two years we wanted to make sure that our business can thrive in best way possible for our bees and our community.

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Honey Gift Packs

Our gift packs make it so much easier with small, compact sizing so that you can easily gift these jars or pack it along anywhere you go. These gift packs are a perfect way to stock up and try all the flavours before they are discontinued.

Each Large Gift Pack includes seven gift jars of honey. The flavours include Cinnamon, Ginger, Lavender, Maple, Sweet & Spicy, Licorice, Turmeric, Apple Pie and Raspberry. We also have loads of recipes on our website for each of these flavours which will keep you busy in the kitchen making tasty and healthy creations :)

We also offer a 2-jar small gift pack which includes any 2 of our honeys that you prefer. Just pick your favourite two and we will package it in a beautiful gift pack :)

Visit our Recipe Collection to see all the amazing recipes you can try with these flavourful honeys. Not only are these gift packs fantastic by themselves, but the time you can spend together to create delicious treats, is a gift in and of itself :)

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School is starting up for a new semester and it is up to parents to stock lunch boxes with healthy, nutritious and delicious treats.

Why not try out some of our honeystix. They are gluten, nut and dairy free, come a variety of delicious flavours and colours and make for a healthy treat for the kids.

Soooo many flavours to choose from: Apple, Peach, Raspberry, Sour Blue Raspberry, Root Beer, Pink Lemonde. And for those who like honeystix with no artifical colours or flavours, we have our Naked Line: Pure honey, Cinnamon and Lemon :)

These make great lunch-box snacks, hiking treats, they are convenient to carry in your purse as a tea/coffee sweetener, and kids (of all ages) LOVE them as treats.

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Emergency Preparedness Kit

All of us need an emergency kit. You will most definitely not need the same emergency kit as your neighbour, your friend or the one I recommend here. It all depends on what you are planning for as well as the specific needs of your family.

You might want to plan for an emergency kit because you live in an area that is prone to natural disasters (floods, tornadoes, rock-slides, etc), you want to plan in case of lean times or maybe for a BIG emergency situation.

Regardless of why you want to be prepared, I think we can all agree that most of us will benefit from a 72-hour kit just in case we lose power, water or heat for a day or so. It is also a perfect carry-along in your vehicle in case you get stranded.

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Pure Beeswax

Try out our recipe for All Natural Deodorant. This recipe is ideal for those who have sensitive skin, who would like only high-quality ingredients that they choose themselves and for those who would like to use their own fragrances.

Visit our website to learn to make your own DIY Beeswax Deodorant

Making your own deodorant is not the only new hobby you can take up with Forever Bee beeswax. You can make your own salves, lip balms, beeswax food wraps, candles, crayons, chewing gum and so much more.
Visit our Help Centre to find out more fun hobbies you can start with beeswax.

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Body Butter

If you've experienced dry skin, eczema, or other skin damage due to cold weather? We are right there with you! That is exactly why we created this smooth, moisturizing, and all natural body butter!! Built on a foundation of pure Forever Bee Beeswax and organic, crude Shea Butter, and a perfect blend of organic oils, our Body Butter is perfectly curated to lock in moisture by creating a seal over your skin!

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Lippy Balms

We use the highest quality, raw, organic ingredients as well as all natural colours, flavours and essential oils. Our lippy balms are safe enough to eat and are perfect moisturizers.

During the cold winter months the Beeswax will lock in the moisture and protect your lips from the extreme weather. Shea Butter will provide deep moisturizing. Apricot Oil will act as an antibacterial agent, allow all nutrients to be absorbed quickly and also is moisturizing.

Lippy balms are perfect for keeping in every pocket, in your car, at home and they also make for ideal gifts for kids and friends.

We have a variety of scents, each scented with all natural essential oils and fragrances! Watch this video to see the work that goes on behind the scenes to make these magical creations!

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Beeswax Candles

Our 100% pure beeswax candles are handmade in Alberta, Canada with wax harvested from the Foothills of Southern Alberta. Our wax is gently cleaned, has a golden yellow colour and light honey fragrance.  

Visit our FAQ page to see all the benefits of burning beeswax candles compared to many other wax candles on the market.

Burn time: 100 - 120 hours each

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Forever Bee Favourites

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