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Creamed Clover Honey

Our raw, creamed Clover honey is harvested in Southern Alberta, Canada and will never harden or crystallize. This is because of the unique method we use to cream our honey. We have long since forgone the whipping and heating methods. We freeze our honey in order to get a beautiful creamy smooth texture. This ensure the honey stays this consistency for the duration of its life.

We've even updated our Recipe collection with some new things to try. How does Warmed Berries with Clover Honey and Cheese sound to you?

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Buckwheat Honey

This delicious raw honey comes to you from beautiful fields of Manitoba, where it gets its unique and delicious flavour from the small, fragrant buckwheat flowers the bees pollinate.
It’s a darker honey, indicating it’s high in antioxidants – so very good for you! Buckwheat Honey is such a nutritious ingredient to include in your diet and is a very tasty addition to meals and baking. It is also often used in the treatment of various illnesses and injuries because it has many positive benefits for your health. This delicious treat is packed with healing goodness - according to research it can help with chest congestion and coughs, as well as lower cholesterol!
The unique, complex taste makes it great for including in your recipes and it can be used to substitute maple syrup for something a bit different.

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Honey Gift Packs

The Forever Bee Gift Packs are the perfect gift for all the honey lovers in your life. Each flavoured honey is in a beautiful bulbous glass jar with a gold lid and all seven jars are presented in a clear, tall gift package. The flavours included will change along with the season. Contact us for special requests.

This variety pack is the perfect gift for birthdays, house-warming, thank-you, get-well-soon, Christmas, gift exchanges or any special occasion.

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Orange Honey is back

This exciting new gift bundle includes all of our Orange-flavoured products to help celebrate the fresh scent of Spring. This limited-time Orange Gift Pack includes:

We hope you love our newest Orange Gift Bundle and we would love to hear your feedback.

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Gardening For Bees E-Book

If you've experienced dry skin, eczema, or other skin damage due to cold weather? We are right there with you! That is exactly why we created this smooth, moisturizing, and all natural body butter!! Built on a foundation of pure Forever Bee Beeswax and organic, crude Shea Butter, and a perfect blend of organic oils, our Body Butter is perfectly curated to lock in moisture by creating a seal over your skin!


Bee Pollen

These beautiful pictures were taken by Kira on her very first visit to our beehives. It is always fun to see how these ladies are bringing home the pollen.

When they collect the pollen from the flowers, they stuff the pollen into pollen bags on their back legs. This makes it easier for them to fly with all of that pollen. They use the pollen to make bee bread with. Bee bread is a mixture of pollen, honey and a special enzyme the bees secrete. This mixture then ferments and is called Bee Bread. It is very healthy and provides the bees with all the protein and nutrients they need to thrive.

Bee pollen is an incredible natural food and only a teaspoon a day is necessary to reap its many benefits (and that teaspoon contains over 2.5 billion grains of flower pollen that took a busy little bee 8 hours to collect!). It is only collected for 3 weeks out of the year from the strongest hives.

Bee pollen is approximately 40% protein and contains nearly every nutrient needed by the human body and cannot be replicated by a laboratory (though they have tried!).

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Self Care Guide

We want all of our honey lovers to feel and "bee" their best! Based on everything we have heard from your wonderful responses, we have found that the best self care routine includes a nice hot bath with a Bubbles & Balms bath bomb, washing up with a lathering, mild, moisturizing Beeswax & Honey Soap, surrounded by beautiful Beeswax Votive Candles, and finished off with hydrating Body Butter!

We created a special download just for you. 10 very easy self-care steps that will help you to love up on yourself and bee the best you that you can bee :)

Download your self-care guide here.

Pure Alberta Beeswax

Beeswax is edible, antibacterial, completely natural and one of the most amazing compounds to use as a base craft material? This is why we are focussing on Beeswax today to show you how to make fun and useful crafts. What better way to spend an afternoon together :)

In this video I created luminaries using beeswax. I melted the beeswax down, poured water in a balloon and dunked the balloon into the melted beeswax about 15 times. Make sure to not dunk the balloon into the beeswax past the water mark otherwise your balloon will explode :) I'm speaking of experience :)

You can also create you many other fun crafts and useful household items with pure beeswax. Some of the most popular items you can make with beeswax are:
- Beeswax Food Wraps
- Rolled Beeswax Candles - try our Candle Making Kits
- Cookie Cutter Candles
- Jar Candles
- Lippy Balms - try our lippy balm kits. They contain everything you need for a fun filled day of making over 50 lippy balms
- Body Butter
- Medical and/or herbal salves
- Crayons
- Chewing Gum
- ....and the list goes on and on.

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Beeswax Candles

WE LOVE BEESWAX CANDLES! Sometimes they can be a little moody and difficult to deal with though. I decided to create this little video to show how you can get the most out of your Beeswax Candle.

Beeswax candles are by far my most favourite candle to burn. Here are some of the amazing benefits of Beeswax Candles:

  • Beeswax Candles have the brightest, purest light very similar to sunlight. When used as a light source it can minimize headaches and eye strain.
  • All natural with no harmful by-products and no toxicity
  • Beeswax Candles produce negative ions which cleanses the air of dust, odours, pollutants and eases breathing of those suffering from asthma symptoms and allergies.
  • Because of the soft glow, natural light, and very mild natural scent Beeswax candles are relaxing and stress-relieving.
  • Beeswax Candles do not drip and they are also smokeless which means less clean-up and your candles will last much longer.
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DIY Kits

When people know what we need in order to feel loved, it is easier for them to show us that love. All of us are different and we might need different things.

The kits are a perfect way to show your love with Gifts and Quality Time. It is so rewarding to be able to spend time together, make something and put that gift to good use.

Our Lippy Balm Kits and Candle Making Kits are fun ways to start a new project, they include everything you need to make your crafts and all the ingredients are of the highest quality. You will love the kits and you will love the time you get to spend together.

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Forever Bee Favourites

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