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Farewell to Flavoured Honeys

As you know, we started our flavoured honey journey in 2013 with our Cinnamon honey. Many of you have since come to love our flavoured honeys and it has become a staple in your homes.

At the end of January we are saying goodbye to ALL our flavoured honeys. We decided to focus more on providing a strong core product line with our creamed honey, honeycomb, candles and body products. By discontinuing our flavoured honeys we will be using our resources on building a better online community, improving our customer service and making sure our core products stay in stock and continue to be of the highest quality :)

We appreciate all your years of support and we look forward to serving you in an even stronger and sweeter capacity in the future :)

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How long does honey last?
Depends on how fast you eat it... a teaspoon a day goes quicker in larger families.
Our flavoured honeys will not expire on you! Liquid Honey will eventually crystalize. Watch this video to learn more about why and how to reverse it!

Where should I store my honey?

In the pantry or on the counter. Honey is best stored in a consistantly room temperature space. Try to keep it away from the stove or windows where it can get warm. The coolness from a fridge or freezer will speed up the crystalization of your honey.

What's wrong with my honey? Annanie Sherwood knows!

Apple Pie Honey

Apple Pie Honey is very quickly becoming a favourite here at Forever Bee. It has a beautiful warming taste and reminds me of reading a book by the fire, family get-togethers and delicious home cooked meals :)

Not only is our Apple Pie honey delicious but it is also made with organic herbs and spices that add to your health and well-being. Our Apple Pie honey contains Cinnamon, Ginger, Lemon Peel, Fennugreek, and Nutmeg.

1. Promotes healthy skin
2. Helps to balance blood-sugar levels
3. Helps to manage heartburn naturally
4. Relieves pain and cramping during monthly cycle
5. Combats depression while also helping with brain fog
6. Gets rid of muscle and joint pain

Wow, and so much more. Also, use the Apple Pie Honey in your coffee, tea, on your toast, in your baking, over your yoghurt and oatmeal. It is so delicious.

Cinnamon Honey

You might know cinnamon best from memories of pancakes with cinnamon sugar, but did you know that this spice has a multitude of health benefits?

- It can lower blood-sugar levels for an anti-diabetic effect.
- It’s also packed with anti-inflammatories and antioxidants,
- Use topically to minimize acne
- Relieves arthritis pain and toothache

There are different types of Cinnamon one could use and they do have different properties. There is Cassia Cinnamon which is the most common Cinnamon bought from stores and then there is True Cinnamon (Ceylon) which is used for its many health benefits.

To make our Cinnamon Honey we combine our raw Clover Honey with organic Ceylon Cinnamon, to create a delicious, nutritious honey.

Chocolate Honey

This week we are saying goodbye to one of our most loved flavours, Chocolate Honey! Have you had a chance to try it?

Chocolate Honey is made with the most delectable, organic, 100% raw cacao, making for a rich, deep flavour, but also with many health benefits! Of course raw Clover Honey is a natural immune booster and antibiotic, but did you know raw cacao is packed full of natural fibre and vitamins you need throughout your day? This includes high amounts of calcium and magnesium leading to a healthier and stronger body! Who said chocolate wasn't good for you?

Try pairing with our Raspberry Honey or your favourite nut butter for a delicious sandwich. Mix into your coffee for a little chocolate sweetness. Replace sugar in your brownies with Chocoalte Honey and more! The possibilities are endless.

Ginger Honey

The powerful combination of raw, organic ginger and raw Clover honey in our Ginger Honey offers so many healing and nourishing benefits.

The combination of ginger and raw honey has long been known to provide a powerful antioxidant boost. Reputed to relieve pain and relax the muscles, this combo also calms the mind to reduce stress and promote rest.
Used when you feel unwell, it can help reduce inflammation and boost immunity. It also makes a wonderful soothing tea to relieve sore throats.

Of course, it’s perfect for adding that special something to recipes! Mix with hot water and lemon for a deligtful tea or get creative with some marrinades. We have lots of delicious recipes to share.

Lavender Honey

Forever Bee Lavender honey is made with organic, culinary French Lavender flowers from the south of France, and then cold infused into raw, unpasteurized clover honey for a sweet, subtle, and delicate flavour!

Not only does Lavender give us a beautiful, floral taste, it is also known to be a remedy for sleep! Lavender can lower blood pressure and relax your body and mind, leading to deeper and more refreshing sleep! Add to hot water for a sweet and subtle evening tea.

Lavender is a calming, soothing ingredient that can help you sleep better and relieve feelings of anxiety or depression.
It is also reputed to have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Use your Lavender Honey as a sweetener in your tea or lemonade, over crumpets or on poached fruit, for a special way to enjoy it.

Licorice Honey

If you have tried any of our flavoured honey, you know we pride ourselves on using one organically farmed ingredient as well as our Raw Creamed Clover Honey... But did you know each of those amazing and delicious flavours also have health benefits?

Our all natural Licorice Honey is made with Egyptian Anise Seed- which is good news for any of you who are Gluten-Free and love black licorice!!
Egyptian Anise Seed is rich in nutrients, specifically high in Iron which is ideal for the production of healthy blood cells in your body! Anise Seed also contains Antimicrobrial properties that prevent infection!

Whether you use Licorice Honey for it's health benefits or its flavour, we know it is incredibly versatile and is delicious in endless different forms!

Maple Honey

Our Maple Honey is the perfect substitute for sugar! It’s a healthier choice because there’s so much goodness and nutrition within each spoonful.

It combines all the health benefits of raw, unfiltered honey (think antioxidant-boosting, anti-inflammatory power) with all the benefits of genuine maple syrup. With this, you’ll get another antioxidant boost, care for your digestive system and nourish your body with loads of vitamins and minerals. Plus, it’s lower on the Glycemic Index than sugar.

Raspberry Honey

Our delicious Raspberry Honey is the perfect combination of sweet raw honey and the bright, tangy flavours of summer fruit. These delicious, ripe raspberries are high in fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals! Our raw clover honey that you all know and love is also high in antioxidants and nutrients perfect for restoring your body! The combination of these two nourishing, pure ingredients leads to anti-aging, and high in anti-inflammatory properties!

This Raspberry Honey is perfect mixed with plain greek yogurt, fresh berries, homemade granola and a sprinkle of bee pollen. Great energizing way to start your morning. This Raspberry Honey also works anywhere you'd use a Raspberry jam.


Sweet & Spicy Honey

Our Sweet & Spicy honey is a beautifully balanced mixed of our Raw Clover Honey and Organic Cayenne Pepper. We are so excited for you to try this new flavour in all your recipes and also for its amazing health benefits.

Health Benefits of Raw Honey and Cayenne
- Speeds up your metabolism
- Naturally anti-inflammatory
- Relieves Pain
- Curbs hunger
- May lower blood pressure
- Aids in Digestive Health

Stay tuned tomorrow for some tasty recipes made with our Sweet & Spicy Honey.

Turmeric Honey

Our Turmeric Honey is a blend of organic, Southwest Indian turmeric and our raw, unfiltered honey. It is full of antioxidants – turmeric is renowned for its positive health benefits.

It has a beautiful, subtle flavour that is perfect for making Golden Milk – a healthy drink that fights inflammation, boosts memory and improves the mood.
Although unusual, it’s definitely worth a taste!

Variety Boxes Also Available

From Gift Packs to a whole case of full sized jars. We have Flavoued honey choices for every occasion. You can leave a note for which flavours you would like, or let us surprise you! All flavours available while quantities last.

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Our Favourite Naturally Flavoured Honeys

Our Creamed Clover Honey, Honeycomb, Seasonal Liquid Wildflower Honey and Buckwheat Honeys are all here to stay. These raw honeys have no added ingredients, their flavour comes entirely from the bees and the flowers they choose. We would love to know what your favourite one is! Say hi to us in the chat.

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