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Cinnamon & Honey, A perfect pair.

This delicious, Cinnamon Honey is made with raw, unpasteurized clover honey, and mixed with organically grown Cylon Cinnamon imported from Sri Lanka, one of the few remaining places in the world where true cinnamon may still be found! If you know a cinnamon fanatic, make sure to enter and gift this tasty treat to them!

Cinnamon in every size

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Favourite Recipes

Add it to your coffee, spread some on toast. Cinnamon adds a little special spice to all your favourite treats. Here are some more recipe ides:

Roasted Sweet Potato with Cinnamon Honey

Fried Cinnamon Honey Bananas

Have a recipe to share? Email kira@foreverbee.ca

Cinnamon Beeswax & Honey Soap

This pure Honey bar is stripped of plastic packaging, synthetic chemicals, and common skin irritants. This bar will help you enjoy a luxurious lather from the natural sugars in our honey. Our beeswax keeps the bar nice and firm, so it will last longer than most others in your shower. Enjoy your natural bathing, crafted for you with our ingredients by our friends at Bubble & Balms.

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The Naked Cinnamon Honeystix

All of our honeystix are delicious! Some have fun colours added, some are pure honey. These Cinnamon Honeystix are made with that same flavour as your cinnamon heart candies!

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