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Chocolate Honey & Raspberry Honey

Chocolate Honey has been such a delicious addition to our line up.
Delectable 100% raw, natural cocoa, and pure, raw Clover Honey, what more could you ask for? Make sure to get your fill before it's too late!
This will officially be removed from our line up when supplies run out!!

Our bright, fresh Raspberry Honey is the perfect pairing for Chocolate Honeys deep and rich flavour! Enjoy them as a pair and ring in the new year, together! Say "goodbye" to the old, and "hello" to the new!

A Perfect Pair

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Chocolate Honey

This week we are saying goodbye to one of our most loved flavours, Chocolate Honey! Have you had a chance to try it?

Chocolate Honey is made with the most delectable, organic, 100% raw cacao, making for a rich, deep flavour, but also with many health benefits! Of course raw Clover Honey is a natural immune booster and antibiotic, but did you know raw cacao is packed full of natural fibre and vitamins you need throughout your day? This includes high amounts of calcium and magnesium leading to a healthier and stronger body! Who said chocolate wasn't good for you?

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*Honey Money can not be redeemed on bulk items.

Raspberry Honey

Raspberry Honey is so popular we have decided to bring it back in time for the holidays. Our Raspberry honey is a bright, deep red colour - a wonderful match for the holiday season - and is the perfect mix of tangy and sweet.

A sweet mixture of Forever Bee raw honey and Organic Raspberries picked at the peak of ripeness. It is packed with flavour and delicious to use in so many ways.

Try some drizzled over a bowl of yogurt, oats, strawberries and raspberries!

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*Honey Money can not be redeemed on bulk items.

A Perfectly Paired Gift

If you're ready to try them together, or would like to gift some to a friend, our Raspberry and Chocolate Honeys are available in the 2 pack. You can even customize your two packs! Choose any combination of our current flavours!

If you are looking for a great company gift or wedding favours, we do offer these little honey jars in bulk and can do custom labels as well! Just send us a message to learn more.

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Favourite Recipes

Add it to your coffee, drizzle on your fruit. However you choose to enjoy our honey, please share with us! We love to know what you do!

We've collected a few really great recipes!

Chocolate Honey Bars

Homemade Dark Chocolate Mints

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