Natural Beeswax Sunscreen - 17g Plastic Tube


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After years of being asked for an all-natural, beeswax-based, sunscreen, we finally have the perfect protection for you. Our sunscreen is 100% natural, contains soothing all, natural oils and butters.

Our Natural Beeswax Sunscreen comes in a 17g plastic applicator, or a larger size 45g eco-friendly applicator, it glides on smoothly, smells like roses and has an SPF of about 20. It contains the following ingredients:

Beeswax - we use beeswax to regenerate skin cells, attract and retain moisture, and it creates a protective barrier over the skin while still allowing it to breathe. These are all very important benefits of bee pollen in a sunscreen specifically.

Shea Butter - it is an excellent moisturizer that creates a protective moisture barrier on the skin; it is perfect for sensitive skin and helps to reduce inflammation and irritation due to the sun and heat.

Coconut Oil - smells wonderful :); helps with skin irritation; very moisturizing and creates a protective barrier on the skin.

Apricot Oil - fast absorbing and helps to carry the moisturizing effects of the other ingredients into the skin. It enhances collagen production, reduces inflammation and helps to make the skin firm and supple.

Argan Oil - great for skin protection and helping moisturize the skin.

Essential Oils - we use a collection of 3 essential oils for their ability to provide a very high SPF. Our Essential Oils are all organic and of the highest quality.

Non-Nano Zinc Oxide - it is a natural mineral with soothing effects on the skin. We use non-nano particles that will sit on the skin and not be absorbed; it is a perfect sunblock.

**This sunscreen has not been formally tested for sun protection properties. We recommend always practicing safety when it comes to the sun and your skin**

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