Raw Honey Bundle - Liquid Wildflower 375ml & Honeycomb 1lb


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This product is sold out for the 2022 season.  Add your email to our out of stock notifications to be notified when the Summer 2023 Harvest is ready. 

Two of our most favourite raw summer products together in one click!


Our harvest season is typically sometime in July and August  This year our honeycomb hives are located next to 3 acres of Sunflowers!  Honeycomb is nature made, and so we have little control over when it's ready by. We like to open pre-orders about a week or two before  harvest occurs. Keep an eye on our newsletter, or add your email to the 'Out of Stock' notification list. 

Honeycomb comes directly from the hive.  Honeycomb is the original way in which honey used to be eaten before modern extraction methods. You can eat honeycomb with a spoon straight out of the tub. You can also place it on a cheese platter with nuts, fruit, cheese, crackers, etc, or you can have it on warm toast with butter.



Forever Bee Liquid Wildflower Honey is a sweet, raw, unfiltered, pure, Alberta Honey, straight from the hive.  Liquid honey is available during the summer harvest season every year (July and August). Our Honey is still raw which means it has never been heated and therefor all the benefits and natural content of the honey are still intact. This honey is also unfiltered and contains many delicious and beneficial compounds such as bee pollen and propolis.

Many people use raw honey daily on their toast, peanut butter sandwiches, in tea or coffee, cooking, and baking. It is also popular for use when having a sore throat , cough, cold or cuts and burns. We have a growing recipe collection here for inspiration https://foreverbee.ca/recipes

Raw honey has no expiration date and will not go bad when used correctly. Always use a clean dry spoon, excess moisture can cause honey to spoil.

Remember that all raw liquid honey will crystallize.  This is a normal development for all liquid honey.  Refrigeration will speed up the crystallization process, honey is best stored in the pantry at consistent room temperature. If your honey has crystallized and you would like it to be liquid again, just place the container in a pot of warm water to thaw the crystals & maintain nutrients. See this video from Annanie about honey crystallization here https://youtu.be/dAT3Jayl9-A
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