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Raw Honey

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All About Raw Honey

Clover Honey is our most popular Raw Honey. It is a delightfully sweet Albertan Honey. This honey is typically very light in colour while maintaing a soft and disinct honey flavour.

We offer our Clover Raw Honey both in it's naturally crystallized form as well as in the consistantly smooth and beloved creamed clover honey.

Our Creamed Honey has been put through a freezing process after harvesting to help speed along the crystalization in a controlled maner. This freezing process ensures all of the nutritional compontents of honey stay in tact and our honey is free of any additives.

For a few short summer months we are blessed to have a Liquid Wildflower Honey. This harvest typically happens between June and August, the bees have had a chance to get started on the first flowers in bloom.

Each jar can change a bit in flavour, the flowers nearby are often Wildflower, Apple Blossom, Lillac, Dandilion and Clover.

This honey crystallizes often within 2-6 weeks after harvesting. This process is natural and does not affect the nutritional value or useability of your honey. To reverse this, place the jar in a pot of water on low and wait for the crystals to melt. Boiling the honey will cook the nutrients out of the honey and will ensure the honey stays liquid longer.

Honeycomb is most commonly eatten right from the hive. Simply take a spoonfull and eat it. The honey will melt in your mouth and the wax will act like an edible chewing gum which can be swollowed or spit out.
You can also add honeycomb to your favourite Charcuterie Boards, Salads, Parfaits and more!

Annanie shows us how to make honey liquid again while keeping the nutrients intact.

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Raw Honey Reviews

We love reading every review you send us. They sure make us feel extra special! Thank you Theresa. for your review of our honeycomb and the beautiful cycle of bee life in our planet!

"The honeycomb is wonderful. The honey is wonderful. I love Forever Bees products and only buy my honey from them. Bees are so important to the earth, it is imperative to support our bee farmers."
- Theresa L.

Did you know? You can earn Honey Money rewards for submitting reviews!

Get to Know us Videos

Learn a little bit about us and our Honeycomb and why Raw Honey is best for nutritional value and infinate shelf life in this video from Two Cowboys. We are so grateful for the chance to share raw Honeycomb with our country.

Did you know we talk to the bees? One of the things Matt and I get most excited about when we are out in the fields taking care of our bees, is talking to them. We tell them about our kids, grandkids and what is going on the world. There seems to be a balancing effect that happens we talk to them. They absorb any negativity and transmute it.....giving us back peace and tranquility.

A huge component to our wellness journey is taking a moment to be mindful of our surroundings. One of the most breathtaking times to do this is right in the middle of a harvest. Listening to the sounds of the bees buzzing around, the smell of fresh Alberta air and raw honey. We are so grateful for the relationship we have with our bees and how much they trust us.

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