Fruity Honey Gift Pack - Large *NEW*

$40.00 CAD

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This is our newest addition to our honey flavours :)  We are so excited to bring such a variety of different flavours to our customers at all the same time.  These flavours are our customers' favourites and have been chosen by our customers on our Facebook Fruity Honey Giveaway. 

Our fruity honey flavours come in 7 different fruit flavours, all flavoured with the highest quality, all natural, organic fruits we could find.  Each flavoured honey is in a beautiful bulbous glass jar with a gold lid and all seven jars are presented in a clear, tall gift package. 

The flavours included in our Fruity Honey Gift Pack are: Blueberry, Cherry, Lemon, Orange, Peach, Raspberry and Strawberry.  Each of these flavoured honeys have a burst of flavour with every bite.  We also have some fun ideas on how to use these delicious treats on our Recipes page.

These gift packs will be delivered and shipped out the first week of May.  Get your order in now to ensure you receive yours in the first batch.