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Raw, Creamed, Clover Honey - 1kg glass

Raw, Creamed, Clover Honey - 1kg glass
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From the Foothills of Alberta we have harvested the highest quality raw, Clover honey.  Our honey is never heated to above body temperature which ensures that all the nutrients and healthy enzymes are still active.  Our honey is also unfiltered and unprocessed to give you the highest quality, best tasting honey.  In order to cream our honey we use a freezing method which helps to preserve all the health benefits.  Our raw, creamed Clover honey will never go hard, never crystallize and never go bad.  We guarantee it.

This specific product is sold in a glass jar.  We also carry a 1kg container in a plastic tub at a slightly discounted price.  The quality and freshness is the same.  Both products will keep the same, it is only the presentation that is different.

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