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Layered Spice Cake Lippy Balm


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As I was cleaning up the workshop, unpacking boxes from the big move to Lethbridge, I found some things. The excitement took over and we had a new Lippy Balm in the making!! My first time ever making our Rainbow Style Lippy Balms on my own!

I always knew it was tedious, I've watched the team do it. Each Lippy Balm Layer is carefully added into the lippy balm tubes with a dropper. We do our best to keep the solution from touching the sides of the tube as that can affect the clean layers of our Rainbow.

We only made one batch of this fantastic new baked dessert rainbow! Our NEW LAYERED SPICE CAKE LIPPY BALMS have 6 layers to them, top to bottom they are:

Coffee Cake Spice
Naked Spearmint
Oak Barrel Spice

Ingredients:  Shea butter; Apricot Kernel Oil, Castor Oil; Beeswax; and Essential Oil (no Essential Oil in the natural)

If you are interested in finding out the benefits of each of these ingredients and why we chose it, please visit our FAQ page for more details.


Learn how our Lippy Balms are made with Annanie, our Founder & Beekeeper. 

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