Winter Wonderland Online Market - December 12, 2020

Winter Wonderland Online Market - December 12, 2020

Hey Everybody!

Christmas has been called the most magical time of year and we couldn't agree more!! On December 12th from 12pm-3pm join us for our amazing Winter Wonderland market to hear all about what goes on behind the scenes at Christmas time, some spectacular giveaways, and a day full of Christmas cheer! Let's come together and celebrate all the ways we can share these special times with our loved ones!

We are so happy to have Tippa Inc. as our special guest for this online market. Paul, the owner and operator of this lovely distillery in Okotoks Alberta is going to share a little bit about how Forever Bee Honey has come into his business this year for a new product! Stay tuned to find out more!

Every RSVP, Invite, like, comment, share and all orders placed before November 21 count as entries into Grand Prize Giveaway!

Bookmark this page so you can come back quickly! Or RSVP on our Facebook Event. If you have any questions, we can always be reached via call/text at 403-915-0454 or email

We love celebrating Christmas, and we love seeing our hard working elves having fun while making all your special Christmas gifts!

Lanice is our warehouse manager and never fails to make us all smile! Check out these funny videos, and the awesome work Sinead, Ritzie and Lanice do behind the scenes to get your products ready to be shipped out!

Thank you Lanice, Ritzie and Sinead for working so hard to make all our beautiful candles and delicious honeys and always doing it with a smile on your faces and love in your hearts. We appreciate you so much.

Thank you Heather and Erin for doing all the deliveries and our markets. Your friendly smiles and wonderful customer focus makes everyone feel welcomed and appreciated. You are treasures.

Thank you Cat for taking such great care of our customers on social media. We appreciate your quirky comments, great sense of humour and hours of dedication to social media content.

Kira, thank you so much for being everything in the business. Anytime anyone needs anything they know to call you. You are always willing to do more than is asked and you are so creative and organized. Thank you for being such a valuable part of our team.

Thank you so much Aunty Kathy for the most beautiful images. You always know what it is in my heart and how to portray that as an image. Your images really touch our hearts and reflects our business.
Comment something you love about your coworkers!

Check out our fresh honeycomb here!

We sure are excited to show you our favourite items this month! Plus the addition of two new items just in time for Christmas! We've come together with our guest Tippa Inc. to create our biggest Grand Prize yet for everyone who is here with us today! See the rules below for your chance to win:

1/2lb Honeycomb
Creamed Clover 500g
Lavender Honey 250ml
Gift Tower & Recipe Book
50 Honeystix
Taper Candle Pair
Angel Candle
Santa Candle
Snowman Candle
Body Butter
One bottle Tippa's Lovebird Gin
One bottle Tippa's Magpie Rum
Two bottles Alchemist Honey vinegars.
+Free Shipping

Over $250 Value!!

To enter to win this Grand Prize giveaway:
1. Every comment, tag, share, engagement, etc is an entry to win
2. Comment below or chat with us about your favourite Gin, Rum or Vinegar recipes

Please note that in order to win Lovebird Gin or Magpie Rum, you have to be 18yrs or older. If you are under 18 you can select other vinegars from Tippa instead.

See more details about each of these items here:

his is so rare and we are so excited to share such a special treat with you!
Honeycomb is THE MOST pure form of honey, with natural, chewy beeswax, and delicious, raw, liquid honey there is hardly anything that compares!

Watch our posts on Facebook this week to find out more amazing giveaways and fantastic deals on more honeycomb.

If this amazing video by @TwoCowboys and our praise doesn't convince you, I think this spectacular review will!

Gayle G "I really wanted to order more cinnamon honey because it was so yummy and was going fast. However, as I was placing my order for the honey, I spotted the honeycomb and knew my husband would love some as a treat. I don’t think it lasted a day after it arrived!
We are regular customers of Forever Bee. Their products and service are always the best. I would highly recommend them."
Thank you Gayle for this fantastic review!


We are giving away 1 lb of delicious honeycomb to one lucky winner. In order to enter:
Use your imagination and describe to us how you think honeycomb would taste (smell, texture and taste). Tell us in the Chat!
If you have tried it before, describe your first bite of the season :)

Get your Honeycomb for the holidays:

Making tasty treats at home is one of the best memories made over the holidays, spending time as a family baking, cooking, and getting creative and the best part - eating it!!

These delicious, creamy, salted raspberry chocolates are not only tasty, but healthy! Raw, Unpasteurized Creamed Clover Honey, organic raspberries, Himalayan pink salt, and dark chocolate all wrapped into this perfect little package!
Eat them all for yourself, or place in a recycled Forever Bee honey jar and drop off at your loved ones doors for a secret Santa gift!

Try the recipe yourself on our FREE recipe page! 

To enter to win your own 500g jar of Creamed Clover Honey, share your favourite Creamed Clover Recipes with us.

We thrilled to announce some amazing FREE gifts that will be added to each order until midnight Sunday!! We are so excited for all our fun giveaways and goodies, but this is extra special!

Enter for a chance to win a Surprise Bag (value $65 ) AND for an extra entry into our Grand Prize giveaway!!
1. Be sure to 'Share' this page with your friends.
2. Comment with which items in the gift-with-purchase are you most excited about receiving

Depending on your purchases you will receive one of the following gifts:

**Order value between $50 - $75** ($10 Value)
5 Honeystix
A Lippy Balm
2 Votives
Free Delivery

**Order value between $76 - $125** ($16 Value)
5 Honeystix
A Lippy Balm
2 Votives
125g Flavoured Honey
Free Alberta Shipping

**Order value between $126 - $250** ($30 Value)
5 Honeystix
A Lippy Balm
A Pair of Rolled Candles
500g Flavoured Honey (Discontinued Size)
Free Canadian Shipping

**Order value over $251+** ($65 Value)
Surprise Gift Bag (Includes 3 of our discontinued 500g Flavoured Honey Jars!)
Free Canadian Shipping

Start filling your shopping cart

That's right.. Tippa Inc is here!

We are so excited to be working with another locally owned company in Okotoks, AB creating natural and delicious products!!

If you haven't tried Tippa inc.'s range of unique vinegars and liquors now is your chance! For the first time Tippa Inc will be giving away a pack of ALL SIX Vinegars!! This pack includes our collaboration, Honey Vinegar!


Tippa is giving away 6 bottles of their Vinegars. To enter:
Tell us: Which salads would you like to use these vinegars on (recipes receive extra entries).

Shop Tippa Inc

One of your all time favourites is here! Forever Bee Lavender honey is made with organic, culinary French Lavender flowers from the south of France, and then cold infused into raw, unpasteurized clover honey for a sweet, subtle, and delicate flavour!
Not only does Lavender give us a beautiful, floral taste, it is also known to be a remedy for sleep! Lavender can lower blood pressure and relax your body and mind, leading to deeper and more refreshing sleep! Add to hot water for a sweet and subtle evening tea.

We are giving away a free 250 ml jar of Lavender Honey!! To enter to win, message us with a herbal remedy where Lavender used! Let us know if you have this remedy and how it worked for you.

Shop Lavender Honey

These cute DIY gifts are made from a disassembled Large Gift Pack, can you believe it? You can paint these with your family, then gift to your loved ones. Once you have eaten the honey, you can use the decorated lids as a Christmas tree decoration - just attach a string to the lid!

We have two different gift packs, a 7 jar or a 2 jar pack. They come with a selection of your favourite Forever Bee Honeys. Creamed Clover, Cinnamon, Chocolate, Ginger, Lavender, Maple, Licorice, Turmeric, Sweet & Spicy or Raspberry!

For a chance to win a Large Gift Pack of your own, comment on some creative ways you can repurpose items in your home to share with your loved ones.

We love making memories with family, and after our Crafty Christmas Market we know you do too! One of our favourite ways to spend time as a family is by getting creative and crafting something new together!!

If you are wanting to find some creative ways to spend time over the holidays, check out our FREE downloadable Craft Hand Book here.

What craft have you done recently? Send us a photo!

If you've experienced dry skin, eczema, or other skin damage due to cold weather? We are right there with you! That is exactly why we created this smooth, moisturizing, and all natural body butter!! Built on a foundation of pure Forever Bee Beeswax and organic, crude Shea Butter, and a perfect blend of organic oils, our Body Butter is perfectly curated to lock in moisture by creating a seal over your skin!

Watch this video to see how we mix this masterpiece, and get all the behind the scenes info!

To win your own all natural body butter, message us with your favourite way stay hydrated during the winter!

Pick your Body Butter fragrance

Taper candles are the perfect addition to any Holiday home! Just look what Amy did, using them as a centre piece with a wreath! Taper candles are perfect for setting your table for Christmas dinner, or even lighting your mantle! The sweet and delicate smell of beeswax brings the Christmas spirit straight to your home!
Thanks for sharing your photo with us Amy!

To enter to win a set of taper candles, comment below how you decorate your home with candles for Christmas! We would love a picture if you have one!

These adorable Christmas Beeswax Candles are the highlight of the Holiday season! Pure Forever Bee Beeswax that is then melted and poured into unique moulds, and all of this is done by hand!

These are limited edition so be sure to collect yours for this Christmas season and decorate your home with Snowmen, Angels, and Santas!!

These cute candles can now be purchased in bulk so that you can share the holiday candle light with friends and family.

If you love handcrafted Christmas candles, enter to win your own set of 1 angel, 1 snowman, and 1 Santa candle by telling us something you learned today.


You've all been waiting patiently and we are so excited to announce our newest product: Cinnamon Honey and Beeswax Soap!!

This beautifully handcrafted soap made by our friends Justin and Judith from @BubblesAndBalms is delightfully scented with natural cinnamon, beeswax, and honey! This bar lathers beautifully and moisturizes your skin while it is gentle enough to use on the most sensitive skin. All ingredients are natural and sustainably harvested. Use as a body bar, face soap, shampoo bar, or hand soap!

We are giving away a bar of our Cinnamon Honey and Beeswax Soap to a lucky winner. Enter to win by commenting below on your favourite self-care activity!

Lippy Balms are one of our favourite body products! It's nourishing and moisturizing properties are all natural and smell fantastic! As we get ready for mistletoes and New Years kisses, who wouldn't want a little extra moisturizing?

We have a variety of scents, each scented with all natural essential oils and fragrances! Watch this video to see the work that goes on behind the scenes to make these magical creations!

If you'd like to win your own set of 12 Lippy Balms, comment with your favourite Holiday tradition.

It's not over yet!! New Lippy balm!!
We are so excited to announce our newest Lippy Balm- Oak Barrel Spice! Oak Barrel Spice is the perfect scent for this winter season, bringing you a warm, festive scent, and using natural beeswax and a splendid blend of flavour oils, this Lippy Balm is sure to keep you moisturized and protected from harsh weather!

Want the chance to be one of the first to try our newest Lippy Balm in a pack of 12 Oak Barrel Spice Lippy balms?! You will be able to share with the whole family and keep one in every pocket :) To enter to win let us know your favourite Christmas scent.

Yeah!! Here it is. Our biggest Grand Prize Giveaway yet valued at over $250. This amazing prize pack includes all the products we talked about today as well as our newly revealed Cinnamon Honey and Beeswax Soap and our Oak Barrel Spice Lippy Balm. See the rules below for your chance to win:

1/2lb Honeycomb
Creamed Clover 500g
Lavender Honey 250ml
Gift Tower & Recipe Book
50 Honeystix
Taper Candle Pair
Angel Candle
Santa Candle
Snowman Candle
Body Butter
One bottle Tippa's Lovebird Gin
One bottle Tippa's Magpie Rum
Two bottles Alchemist Honey vinegars.
Cinnamon Honey and Beeswax Soap
Oak Barrel Spice Lippy Balm
+Free Shipping

Over $250 Value!!

To enter to win this Grand Prize giveaway:
1. Every comment, tag, share, engagement, etc is an entry to win
3. Comment with your favourite Gin, Rum or Vinegar recipes

Please note that in order to win Lovebird Gin or Magpie Rum, you have to be 18yrs or older. If you are under 18 you can select other vinegars from Tippa instead.

Hey Folks!

We just want to take a moment to thank you all so much for joining us in celebrating this Christmas season and participating in our Winter Wonderland market! It was so fun interacting with you all and chatting about all the great ways to celebrate Christmas at home and find the Holiday magic!

We are so excited to get all of you your gifts and deliver each of them to you and your loved ones! We are so grateful for the community we have and the support we have seen in this season!

Remember, our Free gifts with purchase is still available until MIDNIGHT Sunday night!! We want to see you get all your Christmas wishes and fill up those stockings! Remember, we can also delivery to your loved ones, do discrete drop offs, and can even add in a personalized handwritten note, just leave directions when you place your order!

Now that you have so many wonderful gift ideas, we bet you're wondering how soon we can get them to you! Have a look below at our updated delivery schedule!


- Tuesdays: Calgary

- Wednesdays: Lethbridge, Coaldale and surrounding areas;

- **Wednesday December 16: High River, Nanton, Stavely, Claresholm, Fort Macleod

- **Wednesday, December 23: Banff, Canmore & surrounding areas.

- Fridays: Okotoks, Calgary, Cochrane, Airdrie

- **Saturday December 19: Airdrie, Edmonton and surrounding areas,
Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Red Deer and surrounding areas.

*FREE DELIVERY on orders over $50. Below $50 there is a $5 delivery charge.
**Last delivery date to these locations before Christmas

Shop here:
Call or Text Kira at 403-915-0454

Thank you so much for joining us at our Winter Wonderland Market! We hope you had a fantastic time 😊

At Forever Bee, we are so grateful to have the opportunity to grow our dream business with our family and team. We absolutely love you, our bee-autiful customers! We love creating products that are healthy and nourishing for your body and soul. We also love sharing ideas that help you connect with your loved ones, making happy memories along the way.

We really enjoy hearing from you, please send us an email for a special Honey Money Bonus!

Here's how:
200 bonus points simply for attending - Email with your account email address (make an account first if you don't have one.)
Receive 300 extra bonus points for answers these questions by emailing :
- What was your favourite part of the event?
- What was at least one portion of the event that you would change and why? - And any other notes you wish to share! 🙂
Upon receipt of your email, we will credit your account with your bonus points so make sure to use your account email or provide it to us when you send your message!

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  • Larry Smyth: December 12, 2020

    Nice to see your holiday cheer for this and for everyone that was involved.

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