A Crafty Christmas Online Market - November 21, 2020

A Crafty Christmas Online Market - November 21, 2020

Join us for A Crafty Christmas with Forever Bee to see lots of DIY Holiday Ideas for the whole family using Forever Bee Products. We have exciting announcements, giveaways, and our team will be LIVE with you all afternoon! Join us for a day full of holiday cheer!

We are so happy to have Mandie's Makes as our special guest for this online market. She will be showing us how she crafts with our beeswax to make beautiful handmade wood creations!

Every RSVP, Invite, like, comment, share and all orders placed before November 21 count as entries into Grand Prize Giveaway!

Bookmark this page so you can come back quickly! Or RSVP on our Facebook Event. If you have any questions, we can always be reached via call/text at 403-915-0454 or email sales@foreverbee.ca

At Forever Bee we love getting creative and spending time with family, and so does our team! We'd love to take a moment to introduce you to our team members as they share their favourite crafting memory with you!

Annanie - Forever Bee Owner & Beekeeper
The kids and I making beeswax sheet candles at the kitchen table.

Matt - Forever Bee Owner & Beekeeper
I am our resident musician and love to play at markets and at home whenever I can.

Kathy - Marketing Team
When my children were young, we used to make wooden Christmas ornaments. The kids had a lot of fun painting and decorating them and were so proud to hang their own hand made Christmas ornament each year.

Kira - Business Manager
I would make a bunch of little gifts for my mom, then hide them around the house for her to find when she got home. She would have to go hunting for all the things I made.
I also got to make a whole bunch of crafts with my kids for this market! Memories we will all cherish forever.

Heather - Brand Ambassador
I remember when I was in elementary our teacher brought in wax sheets and we rolled candles. The candle we made was for our Mothers Day gift. My candle was very lop-sided but my mom told me it was beautiful. However, I don't recall her burning it which was probably a good idea.

Lanice - Warehouse Supervisor
The finished product of our paint night. Bob Ross would be so proud.

Ritzy - Warehouse Team
Throw back to when we were at the Lethbridge markets with the OG candle making kits! Look at the different kinds we used to have. So neat.

Sinead - Warehouse Team
My mum and I make cheesecakes together (she taste tests, I put in the elbow grease) 😂.

Cat - Marketing Team
My favourite crafting memory was when Forever Bee first started and we decided to make floating candles!! I was so fun doing all the trial and error ( including hot wax melting on my leg in the bath!!). We made everything, even the honey in the kitchen and it was always a family activity! 🙂

Erin - Brand Ambassador
I was apart of a Crafty Crew for 4H and so every week we would get together and make a new craft! My favorite would have had to be the knitted pillows we made! I met my best friend there and so crafting has always been a very special memory for me.

We'd love to know what your favourite crafting memory was, so comment in the blog below or send a message on chat!

Every business has a story and as the colder months approach, we’ve been reflecting a lot on ours. We’ve sure come a long way from where we started!

In the beginning, we heated honey on our kitchen stove. When we decided it was time to grow our business, we rented a commercial kitchen and drove all our supplies back and forth each day. We painted hive boxes on our driveway, rolled candles on our kitchen bench and built gift boxes in the back of our minivan!

It all started because we had a dream of creating a business that we could share with our children while providing nourishing goodness to customers. We are so blessed to have been able to make that dream a reality and we love sharing it with you every day.

Learn more about our favourite products

We’re so excited for our Grand Prize giveaway!!

Our Grand Prize today is jam-packed with nourishing and delicious treats that we can’t wait to share!

If you win, here’s what you’ll receive:
- A Delicious Mystery Honey!!!
- Creamed Clover 500g
- Honey Gift Pack (7 Jars)
- Honeystix Variety Pack (50 Stix)
- Beeswax Blocks 10 x 1oz
- 2 Lippy Balms
- 1 Meter Wick
- 1/2lb Honeycomb
- Cheeseboard from Mandie Makes 

Over $135 Value!

To get an entry in the draw:
- Create an account.
- Send us an email to sales@foreverbee.ca so we know which account to enter.
- Tell us in the comments below or in your email what Christmas traditions you are following this year!

Get them all using this link (Plus $30 of free gifts!)

Remember, if you engage with us in any way during the market, you’ll get an entry into the draw to win this amazing prize! That means every ‘comment’, ‘Facebook like, share or tag’, gets you an entry PLUS get an entry for every order you place!
Good luck!

Too excited to wait? Use this link to shop the Giveaway Goodies

As the Canadian winter approaches, it’s time for us to make sure our bees stay nice and cozy over the colder months.

Join us in this behind-the-scenes video at Suoto Farms to see how we winterize our hives so our bees stay safe all winter long. We’ll show you how we wrap the hives with special insulating material called Bee Cozy and treat them for mites, to make sure the hives remain a great environment for our bees to over-winter in.

You’ll see the way we make sure they can come and go, while reducing the cold wind on the hive. This also helps with ventilation. During the winter bees eat essential oils, honey and probiotics to keep them well.

Get your raw, unfiltered Clover Honey & Honeycomb here!

Honeycomb is the purest form of our raw, Clover Honey! It has all the natural sweetness, plus the added bonus of pure beeswax! This creamy, chewy consistency is all you could want from this magical treat that is the perfect star on any charcuterie board! Pair with your favourite crackers, cheese, and of course a Mandies Makes cheeseboard and enjoy a cozy night in!

Make a game for the whole family with some Honeycomb Ski Ball! Recycle used paper towel roll and construction paper, form a honeycomb shape and get the ball rolling on crafty fun!

For this giveaway you could be the lucky winner of a 1/2 lb Honeycomb!!
Enter to win this fresh, raw and delicious treat by commenting below, chat with us or email to say what your favourite childhood game was!

See more of Mandie's home décor here
Get your Honeycomb and more here

One of our favourite parts of doing a live online market is the opportunity to give all our amazing customers some extra special gifts and treats!

Starting now and continuing until midnight Sunday all orders will receive one of the following special bonus gifts:

Order value between $50 - $75 ($10 Value)
5 Honeystix
A Lippy Balm
2 Votives
Free Delivery

Order value between $76 - $125 ($16 Value)
5 Honeystix
A Lippy Balm
2 Votives
125g Flavoured Honey
Free Alberta Shipping

Order value between $126 - $250 ($30 Value)
5 Honeystix
A Lippy Balm
A Pair of Rolled Candles
500g Flavoured Honey (Discontinued Size)
Free Canadian Shipping
Use this link to get 1 of everything in our market & this free gift!

Order value over $251+ ($65 Value)
Surprise Gift Bag (Includes 3 of our discontinued 500g Flavoured Honey Jars!)
Free Canadian Shipping

Have questions? We're live and ready to hear from you! Every order before midnight is an extra entry into the Grand Prize too!
Shop now!
Message us on the chat
Text or call Kira at 403-915-0454
Email us: sales@foreverbee.ca

*Please Note: these offers can not be combined with Honey Money Rewards. Every purchase will earn you 5 points for every dollar spent!

We are so excited to introduce you to our co-host for this market Mandie’s Makes. Mandie said she discovered her love of making things and creating while living overseas. Once she moved to Canada in 2008, she started card-making and eventually found her way to wood burning. This has enabled her to create the amazing pieces she now has on offer!

She uses our Forever Bee Beeswax to make her polish for her creations! Shop Mandie's Makes here.

Plus, any Mandie’s Makes purchase you make this weekend can be delivered with your Forever Bee order!


Win this gorgeously handcrafted and engraved cheese board along with a gift card to buy your favourite cheese and crackers. This bundle is valued at $55!! Purchase your favourite, quality, crackers and cheese, and share this beautiful and delicious charcuterie board with friends and family!

To enter comment below, chat with us or email to say your favourite charcuterie board addition!

See more of Mandie's home décor here.
Get your Honeycomb and more here.

Giveaway below!

Today we’re so excited to invite you behind the scenes to learn more about our pure Beeswax!

Watch how we break up large blocks of Beeswax, ready for melting. We pour the melted wax into moulds and show you what it looks like to de-mould them and get them ready to arrive at your door.

We love sharing the amazing qualities of beeswax with our customers – it fragrances the air with a delightful wildflower honey scent, doesn’t drip, doesn’t smoke and purifies the air as it burns!

Plus, we’re super proud that there is no waste! If the wax has marks or imperfections we just re-melt it and start again! So you always get a perfect product in your shipment too!

For your chance to win a 10 pack of 1 ounce Beeswax Blocks, comment below, chat with us or email to say with what you’ll create with Beeswax!

Get your Beeswax here.
Text or call Kira at 403-915-0454
Email us: sales@foreverbee.ca

Okay folks, let’s get crafty!

Today we have a sweet suggestion on how you can create a delicious advent calendar using… Honeystix!!!

To make your DIY Honeystix Ornament Advent Calendar, use Honeystix to make reindeers, Santa's, snowmen, the Grinch and more. Add pipe cleaners, pom poms or cutouts from old Christmas cards. Gather the family every day to eat a decoration. YUM! Make a few with more Stix so there's some to share on a day you have company over!

Giveaway time! For your chance to win a Variety Pack of 50 Honeystix (A $20 Value!), Comment below, chat with us or email to say a fun way to get crafty with gifts using Honeystix this year.

See more great craft ideas here.
Text or call Kira at 403-915-0454
Email us: sales@foreverbee.ca

Are you looking for something sweet & special to share with friends, without breaking the bank?

To create a gift that will be treasured, order a Large Honey Gift Pack and pull it apart so you can create seven special gifts. Simply tie a festive ribbon to each jar and add the corresponding recipe to your gift. Add a little glitter and paint to the lid for an extra special handmade touch.

Remember, you’ll get a FREE recipe booklet along with your order so this will be super easy!

We are so excited to give away a Large Honey Gift Pack to one lucky winner.
Let us know in the comments, chat or by email which fun Christmas recipes you might want to try using our Flavoured Honey!

Get your Large Honey Gift Pack & Recipe Book

Get a fascinating look behind the scenes at how we build our bee boxes. We’ll show you how we create those colourful bee homes you may have driven past in fields before.

And then it’s your turn to get crafty. Decorate a 1kg, 3kg, or 7kg bucket with felt flowers for a centre piece in the winter months and turn it into a beautiful DIY flower planter in the summer!

This marvelous craft will put you in a summery mood, ready for a delicious summer favourite to return to our store to brighten your days!

Ask us your questions, leave your comments and let us know which fun activities you can come up with using our containers :)

For more fun crafts go to our FREE resources page

Giveaway below!

How deliciously luxurious do handcrafted honey face masks sound? If you think they sound amazing, you’d be right! Ultra-nourishing for your face and hair, DIY honey face masks are the ultimate at-home show-yourself-some-love treat.

The antibacterial properties of raw honey are fantastic for treating acne, while the honey also purifies and moisturizes. Antioxidants fight signs of aging to leave your skin feeling smoother and more cared for.

You can combine your mask with a variety of ingredients and essential oils to make the perfect treatment for your skin. Make sure you choose essential oils that are skin-friendly and remember to use the right proportion. For example, you’ll need 5 x the Lemon essential oil to get a scent. Other oils that are great to use are Patchouli (great for dry skin) and Lavender (soothing for delicate or irritated skin).

Get the Christmas Craft Handbook and more here.

And for your chance to win a 500g jar of Creamed Clover Honey, comment below, chat with us or send an email with your favourite fun craft or DIY Christmas idea or recipe! Get extra entries for each photo submitted.

We are so excited to reveal our newest flavour of honey to you!!!
Can you guess what it is??

We love our Clover Honey....and we love this surprise flavour that was just too good to not bring back! This honey is a bright brilliant colour with a fresh raw flavour sure to give you a taste of summer!

We are live responding to all your guesses and comments until 3pm!

The Big Reveal is on it's way!

Good quality lip balms make fun Christmas gift and stocking stuffers. Soft and luxurious, they are a high-quality, cost-effective gift. Best of all, parents and kids can spend some fun quality time together making inexpensive and heartfelt gifts for grandparents, teachers and friends. You can even make your own DIY Christmas creations.

Get your DIY Lippy Balm Making Kit here

Giveaway time!
For your chance to win a variety 12-pack of our All Natural Lippy Balms, comment below, chat with us or send an email with your favourite Lippy Balm flavour or which flavour you would like to see in the future :)

Send us some photos of your creations too!!

You spoke and we listened! We are SUPER excited to announce that our delicious Raspberry Honey is back!!!

This sweet and fruity honey is so versatile, it’s like a ray of sunshine on your spoon – perfect for bringing a bit of summer cheer to a long winter’s day!

Why not get busy in the kitchen and make this delicious Raspberry Honey Butter to use on waffles, pancakes, French toast or your oatmeal?
Get your Raspberry Honey & Recipes here.

We’re giving you all a chance to win a 250ml jar of Raspberry Honey. Let us know in the comments, chat, or an email what you love most about this time of year!

Good News Everybody!!!
Christmas can be budget-friendly, or even FREE!!
Here are some of our favourite crafty and inexpensive Christmas gift ideas for you to try out with friends and family this Christmas season! Download or print off these instruction sheets and make the holidays fun again with some easy and entertaining self-care, games, and gift crafts!

Download our FREE Crafty Christmas Handbook here.
Have questions? We're live and ready to hear from you!
Text or call Kira at 403-915-0454
Email us: sales@foreverbee.ca

We’re so excited to reveal the mystery item of our Grand Prize, the Raspberry Honey! Our Grand Prize today is jam-packed with nourishing and delicious treats that we can’t wait to share!

If you win, here’s what you’ll receive:
- Raspberry Honey 250ml
- Creamed Clover 500g
- Honey Gift Pack (7 Jars)
- Honeystix Variety Pack (50 Stix)
- Beeswax Blocks 10 x 1oz
- 2 Lippy Balms
- 1 Meter Wick
- 1/2lb Honeycomb
- Cheeseboard from @Mandie Makes

Over $135 Value!

To get an entry in the draw:
- Create an account.
- Send us an email to sales@foreverbee.ca so we know which account to enter.
- Tell us in the comments below or in your email what Christmas traditions you are following this year!

Get all these items by clicking this link!
(Plus $30 of free gifts!)

Remember, if you engage with us in any way during the market, you’ll get an entry into the draw to win this amazing prize! That means every ‘comment’, ‘like’, ‘share’, ‘invite’ or ‘tagged’ friend gets you an entry PLUS get an entry for every order you place!
Good luck!

Too excited to wait? Use this link to shop the Giveaway Goodies

Hey honey lovers!!
Wow! Thank you all so much for participating and making "A Crafty Christmas" one for the memory books!! We have loved talking to each and every one of you and finding out even more about your favourite Christmas traditions and really getting creative! This time of year is all about family, friends, and at-home-fun - and we couldn't image a better way to kick it all off!
The overwhelming love and support as we amped up for this market was so incredible to see! We would be nothing without this beautiful community of bee-lovers!!

We are so excited for what is to come this Christmas season and so thankful for all the ways we are able to connect in the next few weeks as we get ready for all the crafty Christmas fun!!

Now that we've got some crafty ideas, I bet you're wondering how quickly we can get the supplies to you and your family? Or want to send a gift to someone else? Add a note at the checkout and we can write a special Christmas note for you. Be sure to change the address at the checkout so we send it right to your friend!

*Shipping Update*
We love getting to ship all over and getting to deliver straight to so many of your homes!
We are going to be making some changes, though, starting **December 1, 2020**, we are going to be increasing our shipping rates from $12 to **$15**. This small change is going to allow us to continue being able to ship all over Canada and other countries so you can still receive your favourite products! But don't worry, FREE Canada wide shipping is still available for orders over $125!!
Also, our delivery days and locations have changed so make sure to double check if your location is still a delivery point! :)

Tuesdays: Calgary
Wednesdays: Lethbridge, Coaldale
Wednesday November 25: , Cochrane, Banff, Canmore & surrounding areas.
Fridays: Okotoks, Calgary,
Saturday November 21, 28: Airdrie, Edmonton and surrounding areas, Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Red Deer and surrounding areas,

*FREE DELIVERY on orders over $30. Below $30 there is a $5 delivery charge.

Nov 21, 28: St. Albert Christmas Market
Nov. 27-28: Big Lethbridge Farmers Market & Tradeshow
Dec 5: Airdrie December Market, St. Albert Christmas Market

Shop now
Text or call Kira at 403-915-0454
Email us: sales@foreverbee.ca

Thank you so much for joining us at our Crafty Christmas Online Market! We hope you had a fantastic time 😊

At Forever Bee, we are so grateful to have the opportunity to grow our dream business with our family and team. We absolutely love you, our bee-autiful customers! We create products that are healthy and nourishing for body and soul. We also love sharing ideas that help you connect with your loved ones, making happy memories along the way.

We really love to hear from you, please send us an email for a special Honey Money Bonus! Here's how:

200 bonus points simply for attending - Email sales@foreverbee.ca with your account email address (make an account first if you don't have one.)
Receive 300 extra bonus points for answers these questions by emailing Sales@Foreverbee.ca :
- What was your favourite part of the event?
- What was at least one portion of the event that you would change and why? - And any other notes you wish to share! 🙂
Upon receipt of your email, we will credit your account with your bonus points so make sure to use your account email or provide it to us when you send your message!

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    i would like to order the surprise bag but where do i order that from and how much is it. it there a raw honey in there

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