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Tropical Staycation - May 22, 2021

Tropical Staycation - May 22, 2021

I am absolutely jumping out of my skin with excitement for this month's Online Market announcement. We have decided to take all these lockdowns and travel restrictions and turn them on their heads :) Our Online Market theme for May is:.......Tropical Staycation :) WE LOVE IT!!!!

This month at our Tropical Staycation we will be sharing amazing tropical recipes and giveaways leading up to our main event. Please participate. It promises to be sooo much fun. You will just be able to feel the sun through your computer :)

Our FREE Tropical Staycation Online Market will run on May 22, 2021 from noon to 3pm and we will have loads of tropical recipes, products, pictures, giveaways and promotions. We can't wait to share this day with you :)


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Message us, or call / text Kira at 403-915-0454 if you have questions. See you soon!

Get Your Tropical Staycation Ready!


Set the mood for your tropical planning and your tropical staycation. Annanie made this great playlist on Spotify to get you in the tropical mood.

Island Rhythms Playlist


We've got these really great recipes to help your Staycation get a little more tropical. Be sure to send us pictures and updates on your tropical planning!

Honey Mojito

Tropical Kiwi Strawberry Spring Rolls

Vanilla Lime Honey Dipping Sauce

Hawaiin Chicken Skewers

Pina Colada Smoothies

Tropical Shrimp Salad

Welcome To Our Online Market!

Alright everybody, get ready! Throughout the afternoon we will be here to visit with you LIVE. We will be showing you all our behind-the-scenes footage, and answer all your questions. There will many amazing giveaways, promotions, returning and NEW products as well as a coveted Grand Prize! As you interact, comment, order, like, share, refer and tag friends, you will get more entries to win the Grand Prize!

We have a series of images and videos here to share today. We also have giveaways on many of them. Please feel free to ask us any questions or leave us your comments. We are here for you today and are so excited to visit with you. You can enter the giveaways by chatting with us on our website live chat, emailing us at sales@foreverbee.ca or by texting Kira at 403-915-0454. You can also join the conversation on our Facebook Event.

These giveaways will be live until MIDNIGHT Saturday, we will complete the draw and the lucky winners will be announced on Sunday!

Stay tuned to see all the exciting things this market has to offer, jump in when you can, and hop around to see all the fun posts and videos coming up every few minutes until 3:00pm!!

*Sometimes during the online market we get a bunch of party-poopers who try to hack our online event. We usually take care of them very quickly. We will not ask for any credit card or personal information during this market, the only external links used will be directly to our website. The only thing necessary to join in is you! Winners will not be directly contacted, winners will be asked to contact us after the draw.*

Check out our favourite items from this market here.

Meet Our Team

What a wonderful team we have. Yes, we love to play together, work together, solve problems together and dream together :)

Kira says that her ideal vacation right now would be a staycation, in her home, all by herself :) Get all the things done around the house that she always wanted to do, have some peace and quiet and just enjoy her home :)

Lanice would love to go on holidays to the Phillipines where they are from. They would love to visit with family and eat all the traditional foods again :) Yummy!!!

Ritzie's favourite getaway right now would be an all-inclusive resort in Hawaii where her and Jon can relax, be pampered and just have some fun.

Aunt Kathy also loves staycations where she could go shopping or just cuddle up at home :)

Matt and Annanie - We would love to travel to South America and explore all the local beekeepers in the area. It would be fun to see how other countries operate their bees. We would also of course love to sit on the beach, sipping local beer and Pina Coladas while soaking up the sun :)

We would love to hear of your dream vacations. Introduce yourself and let us know how you would love to spend your dream vacation :)

Remember to download your Island Rhythms Playlist to set the mood for your tropical staycation.

Grand Prize


This is one of the most exciting posts I get to write. We love to give away the favourite products we are talking about during the market. This month's Grand Prize is even more exciting than most other months. We have so many new products and such fun tropical products included in our Grand Prize this month. In order to win this amazing prize - worth over $150 - be sure to share, tag, comment and interact with us. Every interaction before midnight is an entry. Get an extra entry for an order placed before midnight also!

Our Tropical Grand Prize Giveaway Includes:
500g Creamed Clover Honey - Valued at $12
50-pack Variety Honeystix - Valued at $25
Large 7-flavour Honey Gift Pack - Valued at $40
Tropical Treasures Bundle - Valued at $50
175g Bee Pollen - Valued at $18
8-Pack Votive Candles - Valued at $20

Tell a friend about this market! Tell us in the chat what fun activities you have planned for your summer.

NEW Tropical Passion Fruit Lippy Balm

How do you keep the Tropical Fragrance with you all day long? With our NEW Tropical Passion Fruit Lippy Balm of course.

Our newest Lippy Balm flavour - Tropical Passion Fruit - is extra moisturizing, goes on smoothly and you will absolutely love the smell of the tropics.

I chose this fragrance because it reminds me of eating fruit for breakfast on the Umhlanga Sands Beach in South Africa where I grew up. The cool morning breeze, the smell of fresh fruit and salt water.

I hope you love this fragrance just as much as I do. We will have this available throughout the summer and you can also make your very own Tropical Passion Fruit Lippy Balm with our DIY Lippy Balm Kits.

Today we would love to give away a 12-pack of our Tropical Passion Fruit Lippy Balms to a lucky winner. This will be plenty to keep one in each pocked and share with friends :)

Which summer holiday was your favourite?

NEW Tropical Coconut Bubble Truffle


Oooohhh, Bubble Truffles. Our dear friends at Bubbles & Balms have made some beautiful Tropical Coconut Bubble Truffles for us. These are delightful bubble truffles make lots of bubbles in the bath, is soothing on the skin and the smell transports you to the Tropics. We could not have picked a better way to celebrate our Tropical Staycation Market.

The Tropical Coconut Bubble Truffles are made with our Forever Bee Honey, Coconut Oil and Shea Butter. Because of all the moisturizing, gentle ingredients, it is perfect for all skin types - even the the most sensitive skin. It hydrates your skin to give it a smooth appearance. And btw, they bubble a lot :)

We would love to give away a 3-pack of our Tropical Coconut Bubble Truffles to a lucky winner today.

Tell us which of the following you would choose if you can choose only one: Bubble truffles, Bath bombs or Bath Salt?

Gifts With Purchase

This weekend we are adding some extra sunshine and tropical fun into our Gift-with-Purchase Promotion!! This promotion is available to everyone who places an order of at least $50 before MIDNIGHT SUNDAY! This is a extra way to get a great value for your purchase and try out some new products at the same time.

Enter for a chance to win a Surprise Bag ($65 value) AND for an extra entry into our Grand Prize giveaway!!
1. Make sure to set up an account on our website: www.foreverbee.ca - This will allow you to start receive Honey Money Rewards Points.
2. Which smells makes you think of summer, the tropics and sunshine?

Check below for each of the spending tiers that are available!

Order value between $50 - $75 ($7 Value)

Hawaiian Lei & Umbrella Straw
5 Honeystix
2 Tealight Beeswax Candles
Free Delivery

Order value between $76 - $125 ($13 Value)

Hawaiian Lei & Umbrella Straw
5 Honeystix
A Lippy Balm
125g Flavoured Honey
Free Alberta Shipping

Order value between $126 - $175 ($21 Value)

Hawaiian Lei & Umbrella Straw
5 Honeystix
2 Votive Beeswax Candles
250ml Flavour Honey
Free Canadian Shipping

Order value between $176 - $250 ($34 Value)

Hawaiian Lei & Umbrella Straw
5 Honeystix
Pair of Rolled Beeswax Candles
Small Honey Gift Pack (With two flavours)
Free Canadian Shipping

Order value over $251+ ($65 Value)

Surprise Gift Bag (Includes seasonal Flavoured Honey Jars and a selection of our other products!)
Free Canadian Shipping

Have questions? Chat with us or Call or Text Kira at 403-915-0454

New Bees After a Bear Attack - Thank you!

Every year during the winter we get busy with building our hive boxes. These boxes will be the homes of our new bees that what get that year. Our building projects include building brood boxes, supers, frames and painting all of these.

This year we had a huge setback due to bears attacking one of our honeycomb fields during the winter. We had huge unexpected losses and many of our brood boxes, frames and bees were destroyed.

Thanks to all of you who helped us during our GoFundMe Campaign we can now build back our hives that we lost. We feel so hopeful and grateful again that we can move forward and replace our losses.

This video is an introduction to our Patterson Springs Field where the bears attacked our hives. We would love to show you our new bear fence (which really works) and show you the NUC's, why we transport our bees late at night and all the other fun things you might want to know :)

We are here LIVE for you today - ask your questions, leave your comments :)

Raw Creamed Clover Honey

Our Creamed Clover Honey is an absolute favourite with most of you :) The reason why most folks love this is because of the smooth, creamy taste, the mild flavour and the fact that it will never go hard nor crystallize.

We never heat this honey nor do we filter it so all the goodness and antibacterial properties are still active. This is also the reason why your honey will last forever, because it is raw.

Raw honey can be used for burns, cuts, coughs, sore throats, allergies and keeping your immune system strong. Many folks also use it to help with their seasonal allergies. If you use it for allergies, make sure it is raw and unfiltered honey :)

We love using honey in our coffee, tea, yoghurt, lemon water and in all our cooking and baking as a sugar replacement. When using it as a sugar replacement remember to use 3/4 cups of honey for 1 cup of sugar, that way you do not have to adjust for liquids :)

Visit our Recipe Blog to see some of the Tropical Recipes you can make using our Creamed Clover honey:.

We would love to see pictures or read the recipes of your favourite recipe you've made with creamed honey! Take a picture of your honey, how you use it, you holding your honey or any goodies you made using your honey :) Send us your entries to be entered to win a free 1kg jar of our Raw, Creamed Clover Honey.

Tropical Honeystix

Honeystix are one of those fun and really tasty treats that just screams summer, sunshine, hikes in the forest and lazy days at the pool. This season it will be even more fun with more flavours and colours that we now carry. All our current flavours include: Naked Mint, Naked Cinnamon, Naked Lemon, Pink Lemonade, Raspberry, Sour Blue Raspberry, Root Beer, Blueberry, Cherry, Pure Honey, Apple, Peach, Pina Colada and Watermelon.

These tasty treats are easy to carry in your backpack when going hiking, in your purse so you when you go to work, or in the kids' lunch boxes. Use it to sweeten your tea or coffee or to add some flavour to your water :)

Our favourite Tropical flavours for this markets will have to be: Pina Colada, Peach and Watermelon :) Try these out, they are so good. You can carry the Tropics with you wherever you go :)

These come in a 10-pack of a flavour of your choice or a 50-pack which comes in a variety of all the flavours.

Today I would love to giveaway a 50-pack of our Honeystix. This is a variety pack so it will contain all the flavours :)

Which flavour can you imagine to be your favourite of the honeystix? You can even make one up if you don't see your favourite flavour here :)

Honey Vinegar by Tippa Distillery

As many of you might remember, last year we had Tippa's Distillery as one of our featured guests. Paul at Tippa's Distillery worked closely with us to create a very special honey vinegar for us - using or wildflower honey - and it was so delicious and popular.

Now, to help us celebrate this fun Tropical Staycation, Paul came up with some amazing vinegars for us to help make your summer more tasty and fun. Here are his newest flavours (all made with our honey):
Honey Ginger Vinegar
Honey Coconut Vinegar
Spicy Honey Curry Vinegar
Honey Blackened Garlic Vinegar
Honey Vinegar

These delicious vinegars are perfect to use as marinades for your summer barbeques, in salad dressings, stir fries or in other recipes as a unique taste element. We have many recipes to share with you.....and we hope you can share some with us as well :)

Find some tasty summer Tropical Vinegar Recipes on our Recipe Blog.

Subscription Bundles

Last month our big reveal was our Subscription Bundles. Now that our Subscription Bundles have been available on our website for a month, we have been receiving such enthusiastic feedback about it.

I mostly created the Subscription Bundles because many times we would receive requests from folks about receiving the same order every month, or they forgot to place their order this month or they missed the online market promotions, etc. I figured that by creating subscription Bundles you can always get your honey delivered to your home and it will always include your gifts :)

Btw, not only the Subscription Bundles are available, but all our products are available for subscription so you can custom design your own Subscription Bundle :)

- You will receive your honey every month without having to try and remember to order it
- Your FREE Gift-with-Purchase will automatically be included with your subscription bundle
- Receive your honey money rewards automatically every month
- FREE Delivery or Shipping is included depending on your location and subscription level
- You have full control - do you want monthly, every second month, yearly. Do you want to pause this month or add something extra? You can decide.

- We have several pre-constructed subscription bundles you can choose from - pick your favourite and add it to your cart
- Alternatively you can browse through our products and create your own subscription bundle
- FREE Gifts-with-Purchase will be automatically added to your subscription every month
- Check out as usual - you will be asked for frequency and payment method.
- You will receive an email before your subscription becomes due every month and when it is complete
- Make any changes throughout the month before your subscription due date :)

Find out here. 

This month we are giving away a one month $50 subscription bundle :) We will deliver/ship it to you including your FREE Gift-with-Purchase. How fun is that.

1. Create an account on Forever Bee website and put something that you would really love in your wishlist :)
2. Tell us your favourite summer-time, fun in the sun, tropical vibe song?

NEW Tropical Honey

Here it is.....THE BIG REVEAL!!!!

For the months of May and June we are announcing our newest flavour honey, just in time for our Tropical Staycation....Tropical Honey!

Our delicious Tropical Honey just makes you feel like sunshine, lazy days at the beach and sipping Pina Coladas :) It is made with a beautiful blend of Organic Mangoes and Organic Pineapples. The fruit are picked at the peak of ripeness and so the flavours really pop.

This Tropical Honey is perfect for use in many summer recipes such as

Tropical Honey Fruit Spring Rolls

Tropical Mango Smoothie

Tropical Honey Granola Parfait

Hawaiian Chicken Skewers

And the list goes on and on in our Recipe Blog :) If you have some Tropical recipes to share with us (made with honey) then please post it below.

Not only is this Tropical Honey a breath of fresh air and sunlight into our lives, it also has a host of other health benefits:

1. Mangoes are very high in antioxidants, Vitamins A, K and C. This helps with inflammation, gum disease, and eyesight.
2. The fibers in Mangoes helps with digestion
3. Potassium and Magnesium in Mangoes helps to lower blood pressure
4. Pineapples are loaded with many vitamins and minerals and are especially high in Vitamin C and Manganese.
5. Pineapple contains and enzyme, Bromelaine, that helps with digestion. This is so powerful it can help to soften and break down meat and other foods as well.
6. Pineapple will boost your immune system, reduce inflammation and ease symptoms of arthritis

I have been so excited to announce this honey. Today we are giving away a 250 ml jar of our brand new Tropical Honey :)

What is the first thing you will do with your Tropical Honey?

Introducing New Bees at Patterson Springs Farm - FULL Length Video


We went to visit our brand new bees (that you all helped us to acquire) and they are just so mild-mannered and sweet.

Visit our bee field with us, relocate the new bees from their NUCs to their permanent brood boxes and get a real up close and personal introduction to our new ladies.

Thank you so everyone who contributed - through donations, well-wishes, and labour - to help make it possible for us to get our new bees and beehives for the season. If you would like to learn more, you can visit our GoFundMe Campaign.

Please feel free to ask all your questions, say hi to the bees and leave your feedback. We are here live to talk to you today :)

Bee Pollen


When the bees collect the pollen from the flowers, they stuff the pollen into pollen bags on their back legs. This makes it easier for them to fly with all of that pollen. They use the pollen to make bee bread with. Bee bread is a mixture of pollen, honey and a special enzyme the bees secrete. This mixture then ferments and is called Bee Bread. It is very healthy and provides the bees with all their protein and nutrients.

Bee pollen is an incredible natural food and only a teaspoon a day is necessary to reap its many benefits (and that teaspoon contains over 2.5 billion grains of flower pollen that took a busy little bee 8 hours to collect!). We collect it 3 weeks out of the year from our strongest hives.

Bee pollen is approximately 40% protein and contains nearly every nutrient needed by the human body and cannot be replicated by a laboratory (though they have tried!).

Bee Pollen's many benefits include:

- A substantial energy boost
- Relieves symptoms of seasonal allergies and asthma
- A boost to your digestive system with the help of naturally occurring enzymes
- A host of over 90 vitamins and minerals that are readily available and easily absorbed
- It improves the intestinal flora and has a natural antibiotic effect in the body that boosts the immune system
- It restores hormonal balance and helps to eliminate cravings and fight addictions
- Cardiovascular health in terms of lowering cholesterol, improving circulation and strengthening blood vessels

It is delicious over your yoghurt, oatmeal, smoothies or you can add it to your Granola bar recipes as well. You can also just eat it by the spoonful when you need a quick pick-me-up :)

Check out this delicious Bee Pollen Dragonfruit Strawberry Smoothie Recipe.

*Note that if you are allergic to bee stings, it is not recommended that you consume bee pollen!* However, if you have Seasonal Allergies we highly recommend that you try Bee Pollen :)

We’ll be giving away a 175g jar of bee pollen to a commenter this afternoon, so make sure to ask your questions or share why you love our pollen!!!
Tell us about a bee experience you have had or just your general feelings about bees and what they do. You are also welcome to ask questions. Matt is live on this post to answer your questions.

NEW Tropical Sunrise Sunscreen


After years of being asked for an all-natural, beeswax-based, sunscreen, we finally have the perfect protection for you. Our sunscreen is 100% natural, contains essential oils and soothing all, natural oils and butters.

In this cute little video Kira dressed Lyllian up in her tropical outfit getting ready for some fun in the sun, then looked outside and ...... it was snowing :) So they decided to do the sunscreen shoot inside where it was cozy instead :)

Our Tropical Sunrise Sunscreen comes in an applicator, glides on smoothly, smells like roses and has an SPF of about 20. It contains the following ingredients:

Beeswax - we use beeswax to regenerate skin cells, attract and retain moisture, and it creates a protective barrier over the skin while still allowing it to breathe. These are all very important benefits of bee pollen in a sunscreen specifically.

Shea Butter - it is an excellent moisturizer that creates a protective moisture barrier on the skin; it is perfect for sensitive skin and helps to reduce inflammation and irritation due to the sun and heat.

Coconut Oil - smells wonderful :); helps with skin irritation; very moisturizing and creates a protective barrier on the skin.

Apricot Oil - fast absorbing and helps to carry the moisturizing effects of the other ingredients into the skin. It enhances collagen production, reduces inflammation and helps to make the skin firm and supple.

Essential Oils - we use a collection of 3 essential oils for their ability to provide a very high SPF. Our Essential Oils are all organic and of the highest quality.

Non-Nano Zinc Oxide - it is a natural mineral with soothing effects on the skin. We use non-nano particles that will sit on the skin and not be absorbed; it is a perfect sunblock.

I hope you all love our Tropical Sunrise Sunscreen as much as we do. We would love to hear your feedback :)

Today we are giving away a 2-Pack of our new Tropical Sunrise Sunscreens to a lucky winner.

Do you wear sunscreen? If so, natural or whatever you can find? Have you ever tried to make your own?

Beeswax Candles

Camping is a yearly occurrence in our family :) Sitting at the campfire, making campfire coffee, Matt playing guitar and just spending some quiet time in nature. Many times though our timing is off and we have rain. Almost every camping trip :)

Trying to make fire in the rain is not part of my skill-set so we came up with a brilliant idea. Votive candles. Place a votive beeswax candle in the firepit, surround it with kindling and pack logs above and beside it. Lite the votive candle and it stays burning for hours - enough time to get the kindling to catch. It smells wonderful, is all natural and it makes a perfect fire every time :)

Candles are also a beautiful decoration for your outdoor garden or patio during the summer. It gives off a soft, yellow glow and the sweet fragrance of honey. Because it does not drip, your candle will last much longer than most other candles :) Use stickers to decorate some empty honey jars for a fun light show.

We would love to give away an 8-pack of our Votive candles.

Tell us your camping stories :) Do you like to camp?

Grand Prize Revealed

Our Tropical Grand Prize is revealed and just look at all the amazing goodies you can win. All the products we talked about today is included in the Tropical Grand Prize. Here is what you will get:

Our Tropical Grand Prize Giveaway Includes:
500g Creamed Clover Honey
50-pack Variety Honeystix
Large 7-flavour Honey Gift Pack
250 ml Tropical Honey
3-pack Tropical Coconut Bubble Truffles
Honey Vinegar
Tropical Passion Fruit Lippy Balm
Tropical Sunrise Sunscreen
175g Bee Pollen
8-Pack Votive Candles

Leave a comment on the comment section below about the market.

Gifts With Purchase Reminder


Just a quick reminder that this is one of our biggest promotions with our online market, our Gift-with-Purchase. This month we wanted to pick gifts that would be transport you to exotic locations through smell and touch. Here is to a fun summer. Thanks for being so awesome!!!

Enter for a chance to win a Surprise Bag ($65 value) AND for an extra entry into our Grand Prize giveaway!!
1. Make sure to set up an account on our website: www.foreverbee.ca - This will allow you to start receive Honey Money Rewards Points.
2. Which smells makes you think of summer, the tropics and sunshine?

Check below for each of the spending tiers that are available!

Order value between $50 - $75 ($7 Value)
Hawaiian Lei & Umbrella Straw
5 Honeystix
2 Tealight Beeswax Candles
Free Delivery

Order value between $76 - $125 ($13 Value)
Hawaiian Lei & Umbrella Straw
5 Honeystix
A Lippy Balm
125g Flavoured Honey
Free Alberta Shipping

Order value between $126 - $175 ($21 Value)
Hawaiian Lei & Umbrella Straw
5 Honeystix
2 Votive Beeswax Candles
250ml Flavour Honey
Free Canadian Shipping

Order value between $176 - $250 ($34 Value)
Hawaiian Lei & Umbrella Straw
5 Honeystix
Pair of Rolled Beeswax Candles
Small Honey Gift Pack (With two flavours)
Free Canadian Shipping

Order value over $251+ ($65 Value)
Surprise Gift Bag (Includes seasonal Flavoured Honey Jars and a selection of our other products!)
Free Canadian Shipping

Shop all of the Favourites from this market here.

Thank you

Thank you so much for joining us at our Tropical Staycation Market! We hope you had a fantastic time 😊

At Forever Bee, we are so grateful to have the opportunity to grow our dream business with our family and team. We absolutely love you, our bee-autiful customers! We love creating products that are healthy and nourishing for your body and soul. We also love sharing ideas that help you feel empowered and connected to your source.

We really enjoy hearing from you, please send us an email for a special Honey Money Bonus!

Here's how:
200 bonus points simply for attending - Email sales@foreverbee.ca with your account email address (make an account first if you don't have one.)
Receive 300 extra bonus points for answering these questions in your email.
- What was your favourite part of the event?
- What was at least one portion of the event that you would change and why? - And any other notes you wish to share! 🙂
Upon receipt of your email, we will credit your account with your bonus points so make sure to use your account email or provide it to us when you send your message!

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    It was so heartwarming to have witnessed the unboxing of the newest additions to the Forever Bee Family… welcome worker bees!!

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    You have great recipes!

  • TaylorLee D: May 22, 2021

    The Market is a blast! A lot of helpful information along with some incredible products. I have my eye on the 50 pack of Honey Stix!! 😋

  • Tracy Ann Cavanaugh: May 22, 2021

    Thank you for a great market! I look forward to trying your new product Bubble Truffles.

  • Ellen: May 22, 2021

    So excited for all the new products. Well done Forever Bee. We love the company and products and it’s supporting local too!!!

  • Annanie: May 21, 2021

    Hi Tracy :) Our complete market will be on our website, right here, as well as on Facebook. So just come here at noon on Saturday and we will start visiting on the website. You can talk to us via live chat or by leaving your comments and we will respond. :)

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