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Journey Into Wellness - October 23, 2021

Journey Into Wellness - October 23, 2021

Fall is finally here and it's got us thinking about our Wellness Journey. Do you remember back in January at our New Beginnings Online Market when we talked about our wellness goals for the year? We have been looking at our journey this far, and thinking of the months ahead of us. We are sooo excited about all the fun activities, lots of new products and of course, the chats with all of you!

As usual we will also have a ton of giveaways, fun promotions and the more you interact with us before and during the market, the better your chance of winning.

The market will run on October 23, 2021 from noon until 3pm MST. Invite your friends, tag everyone you know and let us know what you are most excited about seeing during this market.

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Get in touch before the event, live chat with us, email sales@foreverbee.ca or Text/Call us at 403-915-0454.

SEE you soon!

Welcome To Our Online Market!

Alright everybody, get ready! Throughout the afternoon we will be here to visit with you LIVE. We will be showing you all our behind-the-scenes footage, and answer all your questions. There will many amazing giveaways, promotions, returning and NEW products as well as a coveted Grand Prize! As you interact, comment, order, like, share, refer and tag friends, you will get more entries to win the Grand Prize!

We have a series of images and videos here to share today. We also have giveaways on many of them. Please feel free to ask us any questions or leave us your comments. We are here for you today and are so excited to visit with you. You can enter the giveaways by chatting with us on our website live chat, emailing us at sales@foreverbee.ca or by texting Kira at 403-915-0454. You can also join the conversation on our Facebook Event.

These giveaways will be live until MIDNIGHT Saturday, we will complete the draw and the lucky winners will be announced on Sunday!

Stay tuned to see all the exciting things this market has to offer, jump in when you can, and hop around to see all the fun posts and videos coming up every few minutes until 3:00pm!!

*Sometimes during the online market we get a bunch of party-poopers who try to hack our online event. We usually take care of them very quickly. We will not ask for any credit card or personal information during this market, the only external links used will be directly to our website. The only thing necessary to join in is you! Winners will not be directly contacted, winners will be asked to contact us after the draw.*

Check out our favourite items from this market here.

Meet Our Team

Wellness is a very personal choice and everyone's needs are very different when it comes to making the right decisions for themselves to stay physically, emotionally and spiritually well.

At Forever Bee we believe in taking wellness days to promote our happiness and wellbeing and we encourage our whole team to practise healthy habits. Here are some things that our team does to stay on top of their own well-being:

Connor - I like to get up early enough that I have all the time I need to get ready for the day without needing to rush anything, which I find makes quite the big difference and generally makes me feel more prepared and confident for the day.

Aunt Kathy - Anytime I have a negative thought, I automatically share that space in my mind with the positive things in my life. I stay focused on the good stuff, until the positive thoughts are dominant. I remember a quote I once read "happiness is an inside job"...

Lanice - I take time to meet the needs of my body and mind, that includes making time for massages, taking breaks and being outside, going to therapy for my mental health and even making the extra effort to have my favourite meal

Kira - I have been focusing on how to manifest a new way of living for our family. Listening to how our bodies react to foods and adjusting our shopping accordingly. Living within our financial means and relieving the stress clouds in our minds. It’s quite a journey!

Matt and Annanie - we love spending our time together walking, having in-depth discussions, reading (currently The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events; The Nature of Personal Reality; Angels and Demons; His Dark Materials). We get a lot of healing and a sense of wellbeing from self-reflection, spending time in nature and also connecting with family and community.

We would love to know the ways in which you find peace and create a sense of wellbeing in your life. Thanks for sharing it with us :)

Keep clicking the titles below to follow along with us today!

Grand Prize

This is one of our most favourite posts to share at every market. We love giving away all these goodies and introducing you to some products you might not have tried before. In this giveaway you might notice a bit of mystery, we are launching some new products today. Stay tuned to see what they are! We have a fun jouney ahead today.

We love spoiling you and this is one way we can do that. Thank you for supporting us and playing along in our Online Grand-Prize Giveaway.

Our October Jouney Into Wellness LIVE Online Market GRAND PRIZE GIVEAWAY Includes:
Creamed Clover 500g
Honeycomb 1/2lb
Honeystix 10 Pack
Body Butter
Licorice Honey 250ml
Apple Pie Honey 250ml
Bee Pollen Sampler

Valued over $150

To enter to win this Grand Prize giveaway:
1. Invite your friends to join in this giveaway and let them know what you love most about Forever Bee
2. Share this giveaway on your social media pages and we will give you a bonus entry
3. Visit our website, create and account (if you don't have one yet), use the chat feature on our website to let Kira know you are now an active member of the Forever Bee Hive :

Creamed Clover Honey

The first stop on our journey today is in the foothills of Southern Alberta, Canada. Home of the 100% Raw Forever Bee Creamed Clover Honey.

Did you know that Raw Honey does not spike your insulin levels like sugar does? Honey can be used as a substitute in your coffee, tea, yoghurt, cooking and baking! You will get to benefit from all the healthy honey nutrients and save yourself (and your family) from those sugar-crashes!

Part of our wellness Journey is choosing ingredients that are beneficial for our bodies. Raw honey is an absolutely fantastic health booster.
- It is packed with antioxidants
- It has anti-fungal and antibacterial properties
- Helps with coughs and sore throats
- Soothes and heals the digestive system
- Helps to heal cuts and burns (for pets too!)


Having 5 kids and 2 grandkids, we use our raw creamed honey all the time in our home to promote health and wellbeing. One of my favourite ways to use it is to relieve sore throats and coughs.
A cup of hot water
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 tablespoon raw, unfiltered honey

The reason we use raw and unfiltered honey is because of all the natural antioxidants and antibacterial compounds found in the honey. We also love the fact that it is "creamed" so that it will never go hard and will never crystallize


We are giving away a 500g jar of our Raw, Ceamed Clover Honey.
1. Like this post
2. Invite/Tag a friend that might want to start making healthy changes with you this fall
3. Comment by letting us know which small healthy eating habits you have changed or would like to change this fall to help you live a healthier lifestyle

Try out our newest Honey Recipes HERE

Final Honeycomb Harvest of The Season

A huge component to our wellness journey is taking a moment to be mindful of our surroundings. One of the most breathtaking times to do this is right in the middle of a harvest. Listening to the sounds of the bees buzzing around, the smell of fresh Alberta air and raw honey. We are so grateful for the relationship we have with our bees and how much they trust us.

Did you know we talk to the bees? One of the things Matt and I get most excited about when we are out in the fields taking care of our bees, is talking to them. We tell them about our kids, grandkids and what is going on the world. There seems to be a balancing effect that happens we talk to them. They absorb any negativity and transmute it.....giving us back peace and tranquility.

Part of our wellness journey is creating healthy relationships with our bees, our community and with our business partners. One of our business partners is Souto Farms. Our bees love their farm and the natural relationship they have with earth.

We have such an exciting giveaway for you. One lucky winner will receive a basket with fresh fruit and veggies from Souto Farms along with a 1/2 lb of our fresh honeycomb that the bees made for us from the Souto Farms sunflowers. You will be able to taste summer, wellness and love in your harvest box :)

Enter to Win:
1. We would love to hear what you want to see in your harvest box
2. Which friend do you think would appreciate a box of fresh harvest veggies this time of the year?

We want to give a huge thank you shout-out to @Souto Farms for helping us put together this delicious giveaway during our market. Please visit Souto Farms at their Airdrie farm. They are open Fri - Sun from 10am to 4pm during the winter :)

Gifts With Purchase

Trying something new is an important part of a Wellness Journey. New things are always better when they're free! This weekend we are bringing back our Gift-with-Purchase Promotion!! This promotion is available to everyone who places an order of at least $50 before MIDNIGHT SUNDAY! This is an extra way to get a great value for your purchase and try out some new products at the same time.

Enter for a chance to win a Surprise Bag ($65 value) AND for an extra entry into our Grand Prize giveaway!!
1. Make sure to set up an Forever Bee Account. - This will allow you to start receive Honey Money Rewards Points.
2. Tag a friend who would love to win a Surprise Bag filled with goodies
3. Start a wishlist  and add all the goodies you would love to try. You might get lucky and win a surprise bag from your wishlist :)

Check below for each of the spending tiers that are available!

Order value between $50 - $75 ($8 Value)
Lippy Balm
5 Honeystix
2 Tealight Beeswax Candles

Order value between $76 - $125 ($14 Value)
Herbology Sampler
2 Tealight Beeswax Candles
125g Flavoured Honey

Order value between $126 - $175 ($25 Value)
Herbology Sampler
An item from your wishlist (max value $20)

Order value between $176 - $250 ($35 Value)
Herbology Sampler
A couple of items from your wishlist (max value $30)

Order value over $251+ ($65 Value)
Surprise Gift Bag (Inspired by products from your wishlist!)

Subscription Bundles

Peace Of Mind is a comfort feeling for me. Trusting that the systems I have in place will help me achieve the things I want in life. Having my favourite products delivered right to my door when I need them is exactly what I need.

We always receive so many emails from folks saying, Oh my goodness I forgot to order honey. I'm out. Or, it would be great if I can just get the same order every month. We are so thrilled to offer this service to you!

We have grown a selection of bundles, our favourites right now are the Basics Bundle and the Preferred Bundle. We love these two because they include a 3kg of our Creamed Clover Honey and the Flavoured Honey of the Month! You can choose to have these arrive every month, every other month, twice a year, whatever works best for your family.

$60 Basics Bundle
- 3kg Creamed Clover Honey
- 250ml This Month's Flavoured Honey
- Online Market Monthly Gift

$100 Preferred Bundle
- 3kg Creamed Clover Honey
- 250ml This Month's Flavoured Honey
- Body Butter
- Medium Beeswax Pillar Candle
- Online Market Monthly Gift

The top 3 reasons we love Subscription Bundles:
1. You will receive your honey automatically without having to remember to order it before delivery day
2. You will always receive the gift of the month, no matter when your order is processed. (Otherwise you have to wait for the gift offer to be live)
3. Earn Honey Money rewards automatically with every order. Redeem them for extra goodies to come along with your next subscription delivery.


Time is one of our most valuable assets. By having extra time we get to spend more time with our kids, pursue our passions and hobbies and spend more time on our physical and emotional well-being. By finding even small ways in your life to save time or to be more efficient, we can create more time.
1. Pick one day of the week to do your meal preps and prepare in large quantities for the whole week.
2. Set only a block of time for social media, emails and online activities - it is easy to get carried away by scrolling and we lose much time that way.
3. Make cleaning a family activity once per week and block it off for a certain amount of time. Everyone works hard for an hour and the house will be clean and everyone can go do something fun together :)

This month we are giving away a one month $60 Subscription Bundle :) We will deliver/ship it to you including your FREE Gift-with-Purchase. How fun is that.

Which time-saving tips do you have that you can share with the rest of us? Helpful apps, quick tips and tricks around the house, meal prep? We would love to talk to you about this.

Apple Pie Honey

A few weeks ago we announced our New Apple Pie Honey. The Feedback has been amazing. Jodi S said "First time trying flavored honey and it is delicious! My kids love to eat it by the spoonful or drizzled over sliced apples!"

I agree Jodi! I layered my honey with apples and porkchops in the crockpot this past week, it was so delivious. I think my favourite part about this Apple Pie Honey is how it works so incredibly well in the simplest of recipes!

Hot Water + Apple Pie Honey = Delicious Tea
Oatmeal + Apple Pie Honey = Spiced Up Breakfast
Apples + Apple Pie Honey + Honey Vinegar = Homemade Apple Sauce

This new Apple Pie Honey is the perfect blend of our favourite spices Ceylon Cinnamon, Ginger, Lemon Peel, Fennugreek, Nutmeg, Clove and Organic Cinnamon.


Using herbs/spices is a very common thing in most folks' kitchens. It makes our food flavourful and tasty, but did you know that it could also have great health benefits:
1. Ceylon cinnamon is great to help stabilize blood sugar levels - drink it in hot water or use it in your oatmeal
2. Ginger in hot water is great for upset stomachs and many folks also use it for pain management of their arthritis
3. Cloves are perfect for using for tooth aches - make a tincture or a poultice and place it on your infected or hurting tooth
4. Oregano can be infused in olive oil or made into a tincture or poultice to help with gut health, pain relief and use it as an anti-inflammatory

We are giving away a 250 ml jar of our Apple Pie Honey loaded with delicious and healthy organic herbs and spices.

To enter to win:
1) Find this Apple Pie Honey Post in our Facebook Event
2) Like us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram
3) Comment with a herb/spice that you like to use in your kitchen or that you might want to know more about
4) Tag a friend who might love to know more about how herbs/spices can benefit your life

We’ll complete the draw and announce our winner on Sunday. If you’re the winner, you will get your own jar and free delivery this week!

Warm Spice Beeswax Soap - NEW!

We are obsessed with the warm spicy aromas of fall. First our Apple Pie Honey, and now our newest Beeswax & Honey Soap: Warm Spice Soap.

This beautifully handcrafted soap made by our friends Justin and Judith from Bubbles & Balms is delightfully scented with natural cinnamon, orange, clove, beeswax, and honey! This bar lathers beautifully and moisturizes your skin while it is gentle enough to use on the most sensitive skin. All ingredients are natural and sustainably harvested. Use as a body bar, face soap, shampoo bar, or hand soap!


Making a few small changes in how we do everyday things around the house can have a huge impact on our wellness journey. We can create healthy substitutes for our bodies and the environment all at once :)
1. Replace your soap, shampoo, and other bath products with ones that are not wrapped up in plastics and do not contain any environmentally harmful packaging. By making that small change you will keep a huge amount of plastics out of the landfills by the end of a year.
2. Switch to all natural products. Our skin is our largest organ and absorbs a lot of things we put on it. Make sure the products you use on your skin is non-toxic, and chemical free, made with love and clean ingredients that is healthy for your whole body.

We are giving away a bar of our Warm Spice Honey and Beeswax Soap to a lucky winner. Enter to win by letting us know about 1 small change you would like to make toward a healthier self-care routine :)

Oak Barrel Spice Lippy Balms Return!

Feeling warm and cozy, taking care of our bodies with healthy honey choices.

Have you considered the same healthy choices for your lips? Our All Natural Lippy Balms are made to keep your lips moisturized and protected from the harsh weather. The Shea Butter and Apricot Kernel Oil will keep your lips hydrated and soft during our Canadian Winters while the beeswax forms a natural protective barrier!

Add in a little fragrance and colouring because it makes our souls a little happier. We are so excited to announce the return of our Oak Barrel Spice Lippy Balms! This is the perfect scent for our warm spice season.

Be one of the first to get your hands on our Oak Barrel Spice Lippy Balm this year! What if we said you could have a pack of 12 Oak Barrel Spice Lippy balms?! You will be able to share with the whole family and keep one in every pocket :) To enter to win let us know your favourite winter scent.

Body Butter

It's important to stretch and take care of our muscles at every level. It's about time we pamper those hands! Most of us use our hands a lot, in repetitive motions. It can cause all kinds of pains and irriations. Using a nice lotion and some massage techniques is a great way to take care of our most used tools in life!

Have you ever tried the snap test? This is a great way to see if the lotion you are using is being absorbed by your skin or if you're just coating yourself in the lotion. Grab the closest jar of Body Butter to you and do a snap test experiment with us!
The Snap Test:
After applying your Body Butter or lotion, try snapping your fingers.
If you can snap your fingers clearly with no slipping around there's a good chance the product is working well for you!

We know that the Emergency Room team at the Foothills South Center Campus loved our body butter on their hands when their hands were all dried out from frequent washing and sanitizing.
Does your team work with their hands?

1. Do you know someone who works with their hands? Tag your friend to let them know you care.
2. Tell us how your Snap Test Experiment went in the comment below!
3. If your friend comments back and either one of your names gets drawn, you will both win a Forever Bee Body Butter.

Were you thinking it might be hard to think of only one person who has been a little hard on their hands this year? Maybe you'd like to put together some gift baskets for a few people? We can do custom gifts for your staff, clients, loved ones, weddings and more! Reach out to us if you want to know more!

Winterizing Hives Video

Winterizing our hives involves many steps in order to ensure the wellbeing of our bees.

In this video you will see how we make sure our beehives are covered in nice warm, insulating blankets, they have to have sufficient airflow to make sure they don't suffocate, they need to have at least two entrances to their hive and their hive needs to be tilted slightly forward to that no water or moisture builds up inside the hive over the winter.

Did you know.....?

Bees do not hibernate for the winter. They stay active and on nice days they will even leave the hive to start cleaning it out, look around for water, etc. Also, an interesting fact is that all the female bees (worker bees) kick out all the males (drones). So in the winter there are only females left in the hive. In all fairness, the males do not help in any way with any of the work. The only job that the males have is to impregnate the queen. They do not have any other purpose in the hive.

If you have any questions about our bees, Matt is here live to answer your questions and to share loads more information with you about our bees. Please feel free to spend a few minutes and visit with Matt :)

Honey Vinegar

Smell is a powerful sense, it can change your mood, trigger your memories and get your mouth watering. Have you ever made your own apple sauce? The smell of warm apples baking with a little bit of cinnamon; Warms the whole house.

Simple Homemade Apple Sauce:
Use your favourite apples, peeld and cored - a combination of a few kinds makes for fun flavours. Simmer on the stove with a splash of water, Honey Vinegar and Apple Pie Honey. Use a potato masher for chunky sauce, or a blender for smooth sauce. Serve warm or cold.

We love to use our apple sauce in baking, as a side with our breakfast, and as a topping for our porkchops and ham at the holidays.

Why Vinegar?
The tartness of the vinegar helps to balance out the sweetness in the apples and honey. It also helps the colouring of your applesauce a bit!

What is Honey Vinegar?
It’s a vinegar, acetic acid, just like regular vinegar. Most Honey Vinegars are produced in Italy, France, Romainia and Spain. Our Honey Vinegar was made in Okotoks Alberta by Paul from Tippa's Distillery! @Alchemist Vinegars were made using Forever Bee Raw Honey!

What makes these vinegars even more unique are all the flavours they come in. We have the following flavours:
Curry, Ginger, Coconut, Raspberry, Blackened Garlic and Regular Honey Vinegar.

Have you tried our Honey Vinegar? We've got a great recipe collection started including a DIY Ketchup! We would love to know what else to try next!
Share with us some recipes you think will work great with these vinegars.

Licorice Honey

If you have tried any of our flavoured honey, you know we pride ourselves on using one organically farmed ingredient as well as our Raw Creamed Clover Honey... But did you know each of those amazing and delicious flavours also have health benefits?

This delicious, naturally dark golden brown Licorice Honey is the dream unique flavour for any Licorice lover! Made with organically farmed Egyptian Anise Seed, our Licorice Honey is one of the most rare licorice-flavoured products that is completely GLUTEN FREE! This allows all of you living a gluten-free life to once again enjoy a loved childhood flavour!


One way to focus on wellness is to be aware of the different types of foods you eat and how they affect you. Do you notice that whenever your have some cheese or milk in your coffee, your tummy is suddenly bloated? Do you notice that you have pain somewhere in your body when you eat meat or grains or seeds? It is so important to be aware of what we put in our bodies instead of just focussing on managing symptoms.

A gluten free diet is popular among people with grain allergies. Eating a low gluten diet has so many more benefits!
- ease digestive symptoms,
- reduce chronic inflammation
- boost energy
- promote weight loss.

Anise Seeds & Honey together is a very nutritious combination. Beneficial for your gut health, and mental health. Anise has been known to help with bacterial infections and even reduce symptoms of blood sugar imbalances! Plus the two raw natural ingredients have a complex and bold flavour, though it is beyond better than those sugar packed licorice candies!

We are giving away a 250 ml jar of Licorice Honey to a lucky winner!

1) Like this Licorice Honey Post in our Facebook Event
2) Comment with special things you notice or pay attention to in your diet. Or do you have questions/answers for anyone here?
3) Share a recipe you know uses honey (would it be good with Licorice Honey?)
4) Tag one (1) friend you think would LOVE Licorice Honey

Whether you use Licorice Honey for it's health benefits or its flavour, we know it is incredibly versatile and is delicious in endless different forms!

Warm Spice Bath Bombs - NEW!


We just LOVE this Cinnamon Orange Clove blend, so much that we had Bubbles and Balms whip us up a batch of Bath Bombs!

These moisturizing bath bombs have a long-lasting fizz, rinse easily as the tub drains, and don't include any micas, gluten, microplastics, glitters, dyes, sulfates, parabens, or fragrances. They are an easy-to-love fit for the dry & sensitive skin in your home!

Sometimes our Wellness Journey is a little more reactive than proactive. Some days we go-go-go until we can't anymore. It's never good to go to bed wound up and on edge, we suggest trying this simple recipe for an end-of-day reset.

Recipe for a end-of-day reset:
- Warm Spice Bath Bomb
- Warm Spice Beeswax and Honey Soap
- A couple of Beeswax Candles
- All Natural Body Butter
- Calm restlessness and ease into a mindful state with a quiet meditation.
- Breathe in the calming properties of essential oils.
- Get smooth and soft skin from natural clays and minerals.
- Enjoy bath time with ingredients you believe in.

To help you on your Wellness journey, download our FREE Self-Care Guide:

We would love to give away a package to help you with your self-care routine. This package includes our new Warm Spice Bath Bomb, Warm Spice Beeswax and Honey Soap, Beeswax Candles, Body Butter and Lippy Balm.

Enter to win:
1. Like this post
2. Describe your ideal self-care routine. Talk to us about what you currently do, what you would ideally do and also what is keeping you from taking care of yourself.
3. Tag a friend who you think would love a self-care kit
4. Download our Self-Care Guide from our Free Resources Section and let us know which tip is your favourite.

Beeswax & Honey Shampoo Bar - NEW!

Bet you didn't know we had Bubbles & Balms working on more than just a new soap scent! We are so excited to add another Beeswax & Honey product into our showers!

Pure Beeswax & Honey Shampoo Bar is designed for those who want to stick with purely raw ingredients and a traditional soap bar for their hair care. The inclusion of farm fresh eggs, fresh organic carrot puree & Forever Bee Creamed Clover Honey makes Homestead Honey a great choice for regular and dry hair.
*Free of Parabens, Silicones, Sulfates & Detergents.

We are so in love with this plastic-free shampoo solution! We can't wait to hear from you about this one! Join in the conversation below. Have you used Shampoo Bars before? Tell us your experience? Never used them? Ask us your questions!

Every comment on this post will get you one more entry into winning a Shampoo Bar of your own!

Elderberry Syrup Recipe

I have been super excited about writing this post. Herbology is a passion of mine because I love to be in harmony with nature and I also love it when nature can bring harmony to my body :)

Herbology has been used for thousands of years. It is the use of plants to help the body heal itself. (No, we do not learn to make polyjuice potion).

As soon as my daughter came home for a visit last week the first thing she said when she walked into the house was: "Mommy, do you have any Elderberry Syrup?". I did not, but I always have a supply of Elderberries for just such an occasion. So, we spend the afternoon making a couple of batches of Elderberry Syrup.


Now you might ask, what is Elderberry Syrup and why should you use it? Elderberries as very high in antioxidants, they are great for promoting heart health, fighting fatigue, loaded with vitamins, supporting the immune system, and reduces symptoms of colds/flu.

I created a FREE download where you can learn to make your very own Elderberry Syrup. Just download it from our website here.

As a very special giveaway, we are also giving away a printout of the Elderberry Syrup Recipe along with a package of Dried Elderberries so that you can easily make your very own Elderberry Syrup.

1. Like this post
2. Comment with your thoughts on Herbology. Is it something you are very interested in learning more about? Is it more of a fun, interesting thing that you have heard about but don't really care about? Are you completely disinterested?
3. Tag a friend who you think would love to spend an afternoon with you while making some Herbal Concoctions

We will also be including a very special Elderberry Syrup Sampler pack as part of our Gift-with-Purchase promotion. Each Sampler pack includes a printout of the recipe along with a package of Dried Elderberries to make your own syrup.

Bee Pollen

How do you get started in the day? Do you use something like coffee, tea or matcha to keep your energy up? Have you ever tired Bee Pollen in the morning?

Between 40-60% protein in every granule, Bee Pollen is packed full of so many nutrients to help naturally boost your energy and save yourself from that mid morning crash that comes from caffeine!

This is the only protein source that bees have since they do not eat other bugs. Bees are fed bee pollen in the form of bee bread during their first week of life. Without bee pollen the hive will die because the babies will not be able to grow. Bee Pollen also contains over 90 other vitamins and minerals and all your amino acids required by the body. This is a super important part of a bees diet and that is why only the strongest hives get harvested for pollen and only for about 3 weeks out of the year.

Bee Pollen is not only healthy for bees but also for humans. It is great for:
- A substantial energy boost
- Relieves symptoms of seasonal allergies and asthma
- A boost to your digestive system with the help of naturally occurring enzymes
- A host of over 90 vitamins and minerals that are readily available and easily absorbed
- It improves the intestinal flora and has a natural antibiotic effect in the body that boosts the immune system
- It restores hormonal balance and helps to eliminate cravings and fight addictions
- Cardiovascular health in terms of lowering cholesterol, improving circulation and strengthening blood vessels
- Helps with the side-effect of chemo and radiation when going through Cancer treatments.

*Note that if you are allergic to bee stings, it is not recommended that you consume Bee Pollen!* However, if you have Seasonal Allergies we highly recommend that you try Bee Pollen :)

We would love to give away a 175g jar of Bee Pollen to a lucky winner.

What new information did you learn about bees and/or pollen today? What would you still like to learn? Do you know a friend who might be helped by bee pollen?


Honeystix are those products are fun, delicious and healthy all at the same time. We LOVE Honeystix in our home as a quick pick-me-up energy boost in the afternoon, a easy-to-carry hiking snack, and also very convenient to carry around in your bag and add to your tea or coffee on-the-go.

The kids seem to love the different flavours and colours, but we also have all-natural, no artificial colours and flavours added Honeystix. Our all natural flavours include: Pure Honey, Natural Cinnamon and Natural Lemon.

Our fun and colourful Honeystix flavours include:
Pina Colada
Sour Blue Raspberry
Pink Lemonade

We are giving away a full 50-pack of Honeystix to a lucky winner.

Enter to win:
Share with us some of the most fun candies, flavours, activities that takes you right back to childhood. We would love to smile, laugh and remember with you :)

Beeswax Candles

Do you know why we love our Beeswax Candles so much?
We love our pure Beeswax Candles because they are just that.. PURE! These light golden Candles are 100% natural and and made by our team with filtered and melted Forever Bee Beeswax. Once the wax has been melted down, it is then poured into molds, like our beautiful Ball Candle in this picture!
Pure Beeswax Candles do not drip, are smokeless and clean the air while burning.

Natural products are our passion! Truly Pure Beeswax will fill your home with the aroma of Raw Honey, sweet, subtle, and comforting. Imagine taking the evening off, relaxing with a great book on the couch, wrapped in a comfy blankie by the light of beautiful soft-glowing candles. Happiness is.... :)

Peace of mind is such an important part of wellbeing. Obtaining this peace of mind can sometimes be challenging whether because of upset, a busy lifestyle, struggles or neglect.

1. Find a time every day to quiet your mind and just be - light a Beeswax Candle and stare into the flame to help you focus
2. Make time daily to connect with nature - walk barefoot outside, watch the birds, breathe the fresh air. Grounding will create peace
3. When you feel upset, take the time to reflect on your feelings. Take responsibility for it and see where it is coming from. Be kind to yourself and work through those feelings gently. Next time they will not seem so overwhelming

We are giving away one of our favourite limited time Beeswax Candles, our Fern Pillar Candle. Let us know how you create peace in your life. If you have not yet done so, how can you imagine implementing peace in your life?

Grand Prize Reveal


We have now revealed all the new products for our GRAND PRIZE DRAW. We hope you love it as much as we do. Make sure to interact with us lots. Share, tag, comment, like. All your engagements gets you extra entries into this draw :)

We love spoiling you and this is one way we can do that. Thank you for supporting us and playing along in our Online Grand-Prize Giveaway.

Our October Journey Into Wellness LIVE Online Market GRAND PRIZE GIVEAWAY Includes:
Creamed Clover 500g
Honeycomb 1/2lb
Honeystix 10 Pack
Body Butter
Licorice Honey 250ml
Apple Pie Honey 250ml
Bee Pollen Sampler
Warm Spice Soap
Oak Barrel Spice Lippy Balm
Honey Shampoo Bar
Warm Spice Bath Bomb
Honey Vinegar
Elderberry Sampler
Beeswax Fern Pillar Candle

Valued over $150

To enter to win this Grand Prize giveaway:
1. Invite your friends to join in this giveaway and let them know what you love most about Forever Bee
2. Share this post on your page and we will give you a bonus entry
3. Visit our website, create and account (if you don't have one yet), use the chat feature on our website to let Kira know you are now an active member of our Forever Bee Community :)
4. Tell us in the chat that you've made it to this post!

Thank You

Thank you so much for joining us at our Journey into Wellness Online Market! We hope you had a fantastic time 😊

At Forever Bee, we are so grateful to have the opportunity to grow our dream business with our family and team. We absolutely love you, our bee-autiful customers! We love creating products that are healthy and nourishing for your body and soul. We also love sharing ideas that help you feel empowered and connected to your source.

We really enjoy hearing from you, please send us an email for a special Honey Money Bonus!

Here's how:
200 bonus points simply for attending - Email sales@foreverbee.ca with your account email address (make an account first if you don't have one.)
Receive 300 extra bonus points for answering these questions in your email.
- What was your favourite part of the event?
- What was at least one portion of the event that you would change and why? - And any other notes you wish to share! 🙂
Upon receipt of your email, we will credit your account with your bonus points so make sure to use your account email or provide it to us when you send your message!

Gifts With Purchase Reminder

Remember that our Gift-with-Purchase promotion is a perfect way to try some free gifts with every purchase. This promotion will run until midnight tomorrow night :) Load up now!!!

This promotion is available to everyone who places an order of at least $50 before MIDNIGHT SUNDAY! This is an extra way to get a great value for your purchase and try out some new products at the same time.

Enter for a chance to win a Surprise Bag ($65 value) AND for an extra entry into our Grand Prize giveaway!!
1. Make sure to set up an account on our website: www.foreverbee.ca - This will allow you to start receive Honey Money Rewards Points.
2. Tag a friend who would love to win a Surprise Bag filled with goodies
3. Start a wishlist from our Forever Bee account and add all the goodies you would love to try. You might get lucky and win a surprise from your wishlist :)

Check below for each of the spending tiers that are available!

Order value between $50 - $75 ($8 Value)
Lippy Balm
5 Honeystix
2 Tealight Beeswax Candles

Order value between $76 - $125 ($14 Value)
Herbology Sampler
2 Tealight Beeswax Candles
125g Flavoured Honey

Order value between $126 - $175 ($25 Value)
Herbology Sampler
An item from your wishlist (max value $20)

Order value between $176 - $250 ($35 Value)
Herbology Sampler
A couple of items from your wishlist (max value $30)

Order value over $251+ ($65 Value)
Surprise Gift Bag (Inspired by products from your wishlist!)

Start filling your wishlist with our favourites from this market.
Call/Text: 403-915-0454

Thank you!


  • Hoda: October 23, 2021

    Thank you for a great day at the market :)

  • Joanne Elford: October 23, 2021

    This is going to be a great way to spend a rainy afternoon! So excitied!

  • Hoda : October 22, 2021

    Hello, It’s going to be fun, looking forwards to seeing what you all have planned!

  • Gloria : October 14, 2021

    Hi Forever 🐝 I am looking forward to checking out what’s new on your market. 🐝🍯🐝 .See you Soon

  • Heather Brown: October 14, 2021

    Exciting for this Saturday’s online market🐝

  • Ashley Walterson : October 14, 2021

    Hello! Can’t wait for your new online market, they are always so much fun!

  • Laurie-Ann White : October 13, 2021

    Absolutely love every single product!

  • Maye: October 12, 2021

    Hello Forever Bee! 🐝 looking forward to seeing new products & offers.

  • Ashley spooner: October 12, 2021

    Hello forever bee! Can’t wait for the market

  • Jackie : October 12, 2021

    Hi Forever Bee. Can’t wait for a new market. There is always something new to learn.

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