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Honey Harvest - August 6-8, 2022

Honey Harvest - August 6-8, 2022

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We have a whole bunch of things to shar with you this month. Come right back to this page to see it all on Saturday August 6, or join us in our Facebook Event!


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Hey Folks!

My name is Kira Arneson, I am the new owner of Forever Bee! Oh how happy this makes me! I've been dancing all month long with joy! Thank you so much to everyone who reached out with warm wishes and support.

In the beginning, I was a Forever Bee Customer, purchasing honey at the Farmers Market in Lethbridge. I owned a business representing companies at Farmers Markets and really wanted to have Forever Bee as a client, they quickly became my biggest client doing shows all over Alberta. In 2018 I was blessed with the gift of parenthood and closed my company. Annanie offered me a role as the Forever Bee Business Manager working from home. Over the years we've made comments about me taking over one day, I had no idea it would be the Summer of '22!

Three things I think everyone should know about my life:
1. I was born and raised in Lethbridge Alberta. I still live here with my partner Cody and our two daughters Lyllian and Emma.
2. I choose to be continually teachable. I believe there's always room to learn something new.
3. My favourite thing in the whole wide world is food. I'm always up for a good snack.

I hope you'll join me online! I have so much to share with you!

Enter the Colouring Contest

We kick started this event a little while ago with a colouring contest! Get the free printable pages to use with crayons, markerts or digital ink!


Click the button to see the entries we have recevied so far, and get your blank page!

This weekends event is all about raw Honey and simple recipes. We are ready to get the fun started! What could possibly be more fun than making your own candy?

Honey Sponge Toffee is a fantastic simple treat. This is one of the first snacks Annanie had ever made for me to try. It is amazing!

We updated our recipe collection to include this tasty treat. 

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This is by far our most favourite time of the year.

The grandkids - Bella and Hunter - came to visit again and of course we suited them up and took them beekeeping with us. What an amazing experience. This is Bella's 4th year beekeeping and Hunter's 2nd. They are feeling so much more comfortable in the bee yard and can actually start helping with the real work :)

Because of the late start with our bees this year the harvest has been delayed. The new bees are all doing really well though, they are strong and seem to be adapting really well. With the expanded planting that Souto Farms did this season there is also a ton of new flowers and plants to pollinate.

Most of the flowers the bees are currently feeding on are beans, peas, clover and other fruits and veggies that are now in season.

DID YOU KNOW.......flowers from beans and peas have lots of nectar but the shape of the flowers are not suitable for honeybees. This is where the importance of Bumblebees come in. Bumblebees create a hole in the flowers from which the honeybees can then come and collect the nectar :) Isn't it amazing how nature works together.

We are looking forward to an amazing harvest this season. Even though it was a late start we had lots of rain and lots of sun. What a great combination.


How is your garden coming along this year? Do you have lots of bees coming by to help with pollination? Annanie put together this great free Gardening For Bees e-Book have you had a chance to check it out?

PLUS use the code in the book to get a free pack of Bee-Friendly Seeds with your next order! The neighborhood bees will thank you!

Get your Gardening for Bees free ebook!


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you do! - Kira

Kathy is our Graphic Designer and our former owners Auntie! She has been helping us out for a few years now with all of our fantastic graphics, pintables and so much more. Imagine how excited I was when she said she would continue to support Forever Bee throughout our recent change!

It's been a pleasure to work with you over the years Kathy, You have such a kind heart and beautiful mind. We could spend hours just visiting I'm sure. I look forward to watching many more creative ideas coming to life with you. Thank you for being a part of the Forever Bee Family!

Subscriptions get a gift with purchase EVERYTIME. Doesn't matter if your subscription comes weekly, annually or every 63rd day.

We do understand that sometimes it's best for your family or your budget to shop as needed. So this weekend we are sharing our Subscription Gift with Purchase with EVERYONE!! All orders get the gift this weekend! If you are waiting on products to be delivered from a previous order, add one thing onto that delivery and we will pack the gift that matches the value of everything being delivered, not just what's ordered today.

This months gifts get better with bigger orders:

Order Total $50-$99
Honeystix 5 Pack
Natural Lippy Balm
250+ Honey Money Rewards

Order Total $100-$199
Honeystix 5 Pack
Natural Lippy Balm
Two Beeswax Votive Candles
500+ Honey Money Rewards

Order Total $200+
Honeystix 25 Pack
Rainbow Lippy Balm
Two Beeswax Votive Candles
1000+ Honey Money Rewards

I'm already planning next months gifts and I am BEYOND EXCITED to tell you what they are! I'm giving away a Surprise Bag packed full of everything new to Forever Bee in July and August. That includes our Raspberry Bubble Truffles, Coffee Cake Lippy Balm, Fresh Honeycomb, Liquid Wildflower Honey, AND SECRET NEW PRODUCTS!!!

Comment Below, what do you hope the gift with purchase will include in September?

Order Total $50-$99
Honeystix 5 Pack
Natural Lippy Balm
250+ Honey Money Rewards

Order Total $100-$199
Honeystix 5 Pack
Natural Lippy Balm
Two Beeswax Votive Candles
500+ Honey Money Rewards

Order Total $200+
Honeystix 25 Pack
Rainbow Lippy Balm
Two Beeswax Votive Candles
1000+ Honey Money Rewards

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... get a subscription so your honey supply never runs low.

Honey-mergencies are very scary. This is the emergency situation where a house has zero honey on hand. Very serious feelings and attitude changes can occur in many family members when the favourite honey runs low. One can't simply 'use something else' it doesn't work that way.

If you or someone you know is having a honey-mergency please contact us right away so we can correct this! Note, we would also like to know about pollen-mergencies, wax-mergencies, candle-mergencies, soap-mergencies and all similarly hazardous situations.

Stock up with bulk cases
Setup a subscription to match your use
Sign up for our reminders

On a serious note, the scale of what counts as an Emergency is different for everyone. It's good to have a plan for hurricanes, floods or tornados. It's also good to have a plan for the smaller emergencies; loss of job, injury, health concerns. It can be hard to plan for the unexpected, but having a supply of basic life necessities is a great start! Let us help you out!

To celebrate I am giving away a Mini Necessities Bundle! One lucky winner will win a 375ml Raw Honey, a Lippy Balm, 25 pack of Honeystix, and 2 tealight candles. (A $37 Value).
1. Show me your honey stash! Share a photo of your honey collection below!
2. Get a friend you think could use an Emergency Prep Reminder to do the same.

ENTER AGAIN: - got any good honey-emergency stories? Share it below for extra entries!

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When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

Did you know that honey doesn't like moisture? We had a whole bunch of honey that had fermented a few years ago. Fermented Honey is actually really great to use for specific recipes like sour dough bread or mead. Luckily our friend Paul at Tippa's Distillery also knew fermented honey is perfect for making Honey Vinegars!

The best part, it's gluten free! For some people, allergies are a real hurdle in the world. We are so grateful to Paul for creating a natural vinegar we can use, AND a whole lineup of flavour infused ones. Keeping mealtime full of flavour!

Check out our Honey Vinegar Recipe Collection for inspiration!

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I was thinking this week... wouldn't it be nice to go on a retreat. Somewhere far away from the ciaos of daily life. Sit down in the silence, read a book, connect with some friends.

I'm reading a book which suggests the idea of an annual 4 week vacation. Sounds great - for future me. In the meantime, I'll have to stick to mini-retreats we can do at home. I love lighting some candles, sipping on a warm tea, soaking in a bubble bath. This Raspberry Retreat Bundle has everything I need for a mini-retreat.

Win a Relaxing Raspberry Bath Retreat Bundle! Complete with a Raspberry Bubble Truffle, 2 Votive Candles, Beeswax & Honey Soap Bar, and a 250ml jar of Raspberry Honey to make your favourite drink or snack extra sweet!
Enter to win:
Comment below what would your ideal retreat be right now?

Help a friend relax! - Sometimes we need to be reminded to rest, tag a friend. If they respond to your tag you will both win!

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Pure Beeswax & Honey Shampoo Bar* is designed for those who want to stick with purely raw ingredients and a traditional soap bar for their hair care. The inclusion of farm fresh eggs, fresh organic carrot puree & Forever Bee Creamed Clover Honey makes our Shampoo Bars a great choice for regular and dry hair.
*Free of Parabens, Silicones, Sulfates & Detergents.

We are so in love with this plastic-free shampoo solution! Thanks Bubbles & Balms for making these Shampoo Bars with our honey! You are very talented and super sweet people.

My absolutely most favourite thing about these shampoo bars is how easy they are for the kids to use, no more worrying about squeezing out too much shampoo or holding onto those big bottles.

PLUS... they're GREAT for travelling on planes!

We can't wait to hear from you about this one! Join in the conversation below. Have you used Shampoo Bars before? Tell us your experience? Never used them? Ask us your questions! Each comment is an entry to win a Shampoo Bar of your own.

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Different scent for every room, or maybe you like to swap fragrances with the seasons? Our soaps are made with all the hydrating and nourishing properties of Forever Bee Beeswax & Honey.

We have lots of reviews on our website about our soap, have you tried our soap, it would mean a lot of if you left a review!

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Sometimes we choose all natural products because we know our bodies have had negative reactions to other brands. There's something really empowering about knowing your body's likes and dislikes. Once you have unlocked this awareness, you can begin to make choices tailored to your bodies needs!

We have a customer who has had some pretty intense reactions to deodorants, and so she set out on a quest for something different. She made this fantastic recipe and then shared it with us. Hopefully others can benefit from this DIY Recipe too!

DIY Deodorant uses Forever Bee Beeswax because of the microbial properties and to get the perfect texture for a stick style deodorant bar.

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Today is all about natural raw products. I was going to talk about our N A K E D line and how we use all natural essential oils, not fragrance oils.

As I was cleaning up the workshop, unpacking boxes from the big move to Lethbridge, I found some things. The excitement took over and we had a new Lippy Balm in the making!! My first time ever making our Rainbow Style Lippy Balms on my own!

I always knew it was tedious, I've watched the team do it. Each Lippy Balm Layer is carefully added into the lippy balm tubes with a dropper. We do our best to keep the solution from touching the sides of the tube as that can affect the clean layers of our Rainbow.

We only made one batch of this fantastic new baked dessert rainbow! Our NEW LAYERED SPICE CAKE LIPPY BALMS have 6 layers to them, top to bottom they are:

Coffee Cake Spice
Naked Spearmint
Oak Barrel Spice

We're giving away a 12 pack of our Lippy Balms including 2 of the new Layered Spice Cake Lippy Balms. How many Lippy Balms do you have on the go right now?

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Reduce - Reuse - Recycle!

I'm sure you've all heard that it's good for the environment when we reuse and recycle things. Did you know can also be good for mental health?

Intentionally choosing to be eco-friendly and environment-conscious is a piece of a positive mindset. Positivity breeds more positivity! When we tell ourselves we are doing a good thing, we are making an impact on others, it feels good. Repeatedly doing small things in a day pile up to be a lot of good.

We choose to use natural Beeswax Food Wraps! Our wraps are made with Forever Bee Beeswax, Jojoba Oil and Cotton Fabric. (Yup they're resin free!). We are so grateful for @mssloane&Co for making these beautiful wraps for us!

Available in two 3 pack selections
XL Wraps - 3x 14" Round Wraps
Mixed Wraps - 2x 9.5 Round Wrap & 1x 12" Round Wrap

Check out our Are You A Planet Saver Checklist for more ideas on how to be a little more environmentally friendly for the world and yourself :)

Are you a planet saver checklist download here.

Watch our workshop tour on Facebook.

Hi folks,

Oh my goodness it seems like such a long time ago since I connected to you all. I sure miss all the amazing conversations, markets and visits. On the other hand, Matt and I have had a wonderful summer thus far. We spent all summer in our travel trailer at the Okotoks Lyons Campground and we also spent a week in Nanaimo and North Vancouver looking for our perfect boat - our new home.

Well, I am so happy to let you know that we have finally found our perfect boat. It is a 1990 Hunter Legend 35.5 We will be spending 4 weeks from mid August to mid Sept on our boat doing some renovations and adding solar panels and a water maker. We are so excited to keep you updated on what we are up to.

Starting Sept we will be having an instructor on board to take us sailing through Sunshine Coast while helping us get our first 3 certifications:
ISPA Competent Crew
ISPA Day Skipper
ISPA Coastal Navigation
And we will also be completing a Marine First Aid Certification :) So much to learn and it is so exciting.

Mid-September we will be returning to Okotoks for a couple of weeks to wrap our beehives for the season and to do the last harvest. And I know you all will be looking forward to that last honeycomb harvest........it will be our Sunflower Honeycomb.....Yummo!!!!!

If you would like to keep updated on Our Sailing Adventure please send us an email and we will add you to our mailing list. That way we can stay connected and you can share in our adventure......sailing with whales, playing with dolphins, the tranquility of the ocean waves and wonderful heat of the tropical sun.

Annanie and Matt

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Honeystix are like happiness in a straw.

Incase you've never tried one, Honeystix are straws of honey sealed on both ends. You can open one end and suck out the honey for a sweet treat on the go, or add to your tea or coffee while on the go!

IT'S TIME TO RESTOCK ALL THE FLAVOURS!!!! HONEYSTIX ARE OPEN FOR PRE-ORDER!! Which flavours do you hope your local Lemonade Stand has this year?

Naked Cinnamon (Dye-Free)
Naked Honey (Dye-Free)
Naked Lemon (Dye-Free)
Naked Mint (Dye-Free)
Pina Colada
Pink Lemonade
Root Beer
Sour Blue Raspberry\

We're giving away a 25-pack of Honeystix to one lucky winner!

1. Like this post on Facebook
2. Tag a friend who would love to win some Honeystix
3. Comment below, what is your favourite on-the go treat?

Stock up on your favourite Honeystix today.

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We LOVE that some raw ingredients like Beeswax and Shea Butter have natural SPF to them! We were able to create a beautiful soft sunscreen in a stick form (perfect for anyone who has troubles with squeeze bottle messes!).

After the announcement of our closure, some supplies ran low. Our last batch of sunscreen did not get the rose essential oils added! This got me to thinking, maybe we should make a natural and a rose one! So I did, and while I was in there getting crafty I made a peppermint one too! (I heard a rumor that bugs don't like peppermint! Turns out that's correct!)

Some of the sunscreen ingredients have a very potent smell, like Carrot Seed Oil. A compound called umbelliferone, or 7-hydroxycoumarin, is found in carrot seed essential oil. This compound absorbs UVB light and is great for your skin!
We helped mask the smell, and stayed away from other common allergens (like coconut!). We used a Rose Oil to give our sunscreen a light soft smell.

We are giving away a set of our sunscreens! One lucky winner will receive one of each of our 17g Sunscreens in Natural, Rose and Peppermint!

How good are you at remembering your sunscreen?
- Every time like clockwork! No sunburns for me!
- Most of the time I remember.
- I remember the first time, but forget to reapply.
- I cover my kids and then get a sunburn myself.
- No sunscreen for me! Soak up that sunshine!

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Did you know that we LOVE doing custom gifts? For this weekends event we made special sample labels for our sunscreen! Aren't they just adorable!

We offer bulk pricing on most of of our products, and events are a large part of why we do that!

I am IN LOVE with these little sampler sunscreens that we made up! I have 20 sampler size sunscreens here ready to go out. We are including ONE Sampler Sunscreen in the next 20 Orders over $50 PLUS the FREE GIFT OFFER Running this weekend!

Reach out to us anytime for your custom event and gift needs!
Text or Call 403-915-0454

*Due to a system limitation, this offer will be manually added to your order by Monday Morning.*

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Whew that sure was a lot. I'm about ready to kick back with my feet up for the rest of the night! How about yourself?

Have you tried a relaxing evening foot massage with our Body Butter? The Apricot Oil and Shea Butter are fantastic for moisturizing your skin. Try putting on a slightly thicker layer of lotion and some socks before going to bed. You'll wake up soft as butter!

We've got a jar of our Body Butter here with your name on it! Comment Below with some of your favourite skin care routines! On Sunday we will do a draw for the lucky winner of our Natural Body Butter

We will be back online with you again tomorrow morning! Can't wait to see you then!

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