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Kira Arneson, Forever Bee Owner

Kira Arneson, Forever Bee Owner

Hey Folks!

My name is Kira (K-eye-rah)! I've been a part of the Forever Bee family since 2017, and have loved every minute of it! The community and family we have grown together has been truly amazing. Every day I get messages with love and gratitude from our customers, it fills my heart.

Annanie, Matt and I met at the Lethbridge Farmers Market in 2016. I owned a company which represented various brands at trade shows & markets. Annanie and Matt were my neighbours that year, we got to know each other very well and I was able to bring them on as a client so I could represent them at the Big Christmas show in Lethbridge. The following year I got to do shows all over Alberta including Lethbridge, Banff, Canmore, Calgary, Okotoks, Lloydminister and more! In 2017 I was pregnant with my first daughter and I decided I did not want to continue the business. Annanie and Matt didn't like the news of my closure so they hired me on as the Business Manager (and first non-family employee!) to maintain some of the online things they didn't have time for, like emails and building a new website! Fast forward to 2022, I didn't like the news of Forever Bee's closure, so I decided to buy the business. Clearly Annanie and Matt taught me a lot about problem solving. 🤣 Thank you both.

I live in Lethbridge Alberta with my partner Cody and our two daughters Lyllian and Emma (you may have seen them in some of our videos before). Forever Bee has always been family run, I feel blessed to be welcomed into the family and look forward to continuing to raise my family inside of the Forever Bee Community.

Here's some of the ways Forever Bee is a part of my life:
I love drinking coffee with Apple Pie Honey.
We put Bee Pollen on our cereal and yogurt A LOT.
There are lippy balms all over my house (thank goodness they don't ruin a washing machine!)
We decorate our Christmas Tree with handmade Honeystix Ornaments.
I like to light a candle when I'm up late trying to be productive.
I get to tour our province while delivering right to your door. (This is the BEST during Halloween and Christmas! when everything's decorated!)
... and so many more ways. Stick around this weekend while we talk about some of them!


There's always more to know about me, follow our online events, subscribe to our newsletter or message me!

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