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Annanie & Matt - Forever Bee Founders

Annanie & Matt - Forever Bee Founders

Annanie and Matt founded Forever Bee in 2012. It started out with just one honey pail, then another. They soon were selling at Farmers Markets and Tade Shows. The whole family got to be involved in the business. In time we added staff and moved from the garage to a workshop! In 2022 the business was passed along to our Business Manager Kira so Annanie and Matt could fullfill their dream of setting sail.

Follow their adventure!

We are all so excited for Annanie & Matt and we just can't wait to hear what the are up to next. There will be a blog coming soon, to be sure you get on the notification list of their adventure please send us your email!

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Our Journey So Far

Over the years we have had the chance to tell pieces of our story here and there. We have gathered some of our favourite videos that talk about our company history and our founders, Anannie and Matt, here for you. Thank you for being here with us today!

September 2017

We are so greatful for Two Cowboys who took the time to get to know us and make this fantastic video.

You can also read more in this article.

April 2022

A few years (and global changes) later, we had the chance to catch up again! Thank you so much.

Visit The Two Cowboys YouTube Channel

Beekeeping in Alberta

We started making some videos a while back about our beekeeping adventures! Annanie is easy to spot when she's in the field, look for the pink beekeeping suit! You'll never guess what Matt wore to the hives this day! (Watch to the end.) In this video we get to see how a beekeeper gets dressed, our tools, and what our bees eat! April 2020, Aridrie AB.

Suoto Farms, Airdrie AB

Our hives featured in the above beekeeping video are located in Airdrie Alberta at Suoto Farms! We are in LOVE with this beautiful farm and new Market Stand! Pollenation from bees is hugely important for the growth of flowers and crops all over the world. Farming and Beekeeping are both very demanding roles, thank goodness for friendly business relationships! We get to keep our hives on Suto Farms land, they get all the pollenation & the hives are properly managed. Our bees get to thrive in a gorgeous farm without having to do all the farming.

Shop Forever Bee @ Suoto Farms

Visit Suoto Farms

10am - 6pm Thursday to Sunday

275170 Dickson Stevenson Trail Rockyview County

Shop for local fresh vegitables & fruits (they have a farm in BC too!). Plus you can get your favourite Forever Bee products there including our Flavoured Honeys!

Find a Forever Bee reatiler near you!

Annanie's Favourites

We asked Annanie what her favourite Forever Bee products are and here's what she said:

"I love the fact that it NEVER crystallized, is always soft and smooth and absolutely delicious."

Matt's Favourites

We asked Matt what his favourite Forever Bee products are and here's what he said:

... he actually hasn't gotten back to us yet. Drop a guess below!

Thank you Annanie & Matt!

I am so grateful for every memory we were able to make together. I look forward to continuing on the things we started. I wish you the best on your adventure and can't wait to see what you do!

Learn more about me and everything I love about Forever Bee at our Online Events!


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